Sandra Bullock Leaning On Jennifer Aniston After Bryan’s Death

They were clearly on a BFFs getaway. On March 27, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock were spotted at a swanky cosmetic surgery office in Greenwich, Connecticut. The next evening, the pair met up with Jason Bateman and Robert Downey Jr. at Raf’s restaurant in NYC, where they “laughed and chatted nonstop,” a witness says. “They all seem like good friends.” 

And on March 30, Jen and Sandra saw pal Sarah Paulson’s Broadway show, Appropriate, where they were joined by more members of their social circle, including Sean Hayes, Edward Norton, Sandra’s son, Louis, 14, and the cast. “Jen and Sandra, especially, are truly close,” says a source. “They love spending time together.” 

And they’ve always got each other’s back. Since the death of her longtime partner, Bryan Randall, last August, “Sandra has really been leaning on Jennifer,” says the source. “Obviously, she’s not over losing Bryan and probably never will be completely, but Jen helped save her from the crushing grief.”

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock’s Unbreakable Bond

They’ve known each other for three decades. The pair first met in the mid-’90s through their mutual ex, Tate Donovan. They’ve joked that they bonded while getting drunk together at a wedding. 

Jen, 55, has “a way of pushing joy and positivity,” Sandra, 59, has gushed, praising her for sharing her tight group of supportive friends. “We relate to each other,” Sandra added, “in that the destabilizing things in life can either sink you or invigorate you.”

Jen, who calls her pal “Sand-a-la” and her “sister from another mister,” has made sure Sandra stayed afloat after losing Bryan. The actress, who was Bryan’s main caretaker during his three-year battle with ALS, “could have retreated into isolation when he died, but Jen never stopped reaching out,” says the source. “She wouldn’t let her deal with the loss on her own — Jen’s gotten Sandra out of the house and made sure she had people around her who love her and make her laugh. She saw Sandra through the toughest months of her life.” 

And she’ll be there for the rest of it as well. “They’re ride-or-dies,” says the source. “Their bond will never be broken.”

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