Rutgers professor claims anyone pointing out that gay people are harshly persecuted in Palestine are the ‘homophobic’ ones

A Rutgers University professor went to great lengths to attempt to fabricate a paper-thin defense of Palestine being extremely harsh towards LGBTQ individuals.

In the name of intersectionality, Maya Mikdashi attempted to deflect any criticism towards Palestine’s proven agenda against any and all LGBTQ rights. The progressive professor instead cried that anyone pointing out the fact that gay people are persecuted in Palestine are the actual ones who are “homophobic.”

Mikdashi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

The professor has a focus on “law, citizenship, secularity, religious conversion, sexual difference, and the war on terror.”

Mikdashi has absolutely no issue with bashing the United States for transphobia and a slew of other issues.

Mikdashi wrote in 2016: “The United States is in the midst of an election cycle where bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-immigration, Islamophobia, gun-love, imperial hubris, and sexism are political platforms — and political and national culture is not something one can ‘opt out’ or into depending on ethnicity, race, religion, sex, gender, or even ‘free will.'”

However, Mikdashi will devotedly defend Hamas against anyone who points out the fact that Palestine is fanatically against LGBTQ rights.

According to Equaldex, Palestine ranks 192 out of 197 countries in public opinion about legal rights and freedoms for LGBTQ+ people.

The Williams Institute – a UCLA think tank devoted to gender studies – ranked Palestine 130 out of 175 countries in regards to “social acceptance of LGBTQIA people.”

On March 20, Mikdashi spoke at an event titled: “Palestine is a Feminist and Queer Anti-Imperialist Abolition Struggle.”

Mikdashi co-hosted the event at the University of Illinois with Dr. Nadine Naber – a professor in the Gender and Women’s Studies Program, the Global Asian Studies Program, and the Department of Anthropology at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Naber claimed, “The gender binary is foundational to colonization. And also like that the gender binary – like all borders – are mare possible through state violence.”

Mikdashi said during the event, “So I’ve been at protests where I’m then told, ‘Don’t you know what Hamas would do to you if you were in Palestine.'”

The woke professor proclaimed, “We have to start naming this as actually as homophobic. You cannot rehearse violence to queer people.”

She declared, “It’s violent.”

Mikdashi claimed that noting that Palestine has a horrendous record on LGBTQ rights is the same as “pinkwashing,” which she said was a “form of homophobia.”

Pinkwashing is defined as an “appropriation of the LGBTQIA+ movement to promote a particular corporate or political agenda.”

Naber added, “If you were to say you were experiencing sexism in the SJP [Students for Justice in Palestine] they would say, ‘There goes those Palestinian’s again, silencing women in their communities.'”

She continued, “So no one is going to say it. And if you do say it [others] will say you’re a ‘traitor and collaborating with Zionism.'”

Naber contended that “rape and sexual assault” are embedded in the founding of Israel.

“Indeed the practices of rape and sexual assault that have been well-documented during the founding of Israel and continued today are not an exception or a secondary impact of colonial violence,” Naber said as she read from a paper.

“[They] are part of the settler, colonial white supremacist logics and practices of Israel that conflate colonized women with the land and nature and assume that therefore to dominate the land necessitates dominating Palestinian women’s bodies and their reproductive capacities from 1948 until today,” Naber said, according to the Daily Mail.

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