Rudy Giuliani blasts WABC for firing over election talk

Ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed WABC radio canned him from his daily show to appease “trailer trash little creep” President Biden — accusing the station of harboring a hostile work environment.

The once-beloved “America’s Mayor” blasted station owner John Catsimatidis as a hypocrite who touts the right to free speech while stopping Giuliani from “telling the truth” about the “stolen” 2020 presidential election.

“What John Catsimatidis has done is disgraceful. With the pretense that he was building some kind of a First Amendment station, he blew a hole in the First Amendment that’s so big you can’t even find it. You can’t tell somebody not to talk about the 2020 presidential election and tell me that you have a respect for free speech,” Giuliani said on his “America’s Mayor Live” show on X Friday night.

Rudy Giuliani claimed he was not informed about a policy preventing him from discussing the 2020 election. Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

“Isn’t that a test? All the good people are the ones who want to speak and the bad people are the ones who want to stop people from speaking. Nobody can really learn about it … And isn’t it a hell of a time to stop me from doing what I’ve been doing for 3-and-a-half years — just when they may be preparing to steal another election?”

Hours earlier, he was cut from the station’s “The Rudy Giuliani Show” for allegedly violating a company-wide policy “not to state, suggest or imply that the election results are not valid.”

However, billionaire supermarket mogul and station owner Catsimatidis told The Post late Friday that Giuliani had been slapped with a written warning just a day before to avoid the topic of a stolen election — a disproven conspiracy.

Instead of complying, the disgraced former mayor fired off a text declaring his intention to ignore “every order” in the letter, which he rebuffed as “overbroad.”

“I had no choice but to suspend him. What media company wouldn’t suspend him based on that?” Catsimatidis said on a call shortly after Giuliani’s fiery X broadcast.

“I said to him, you’re suspended, let’s sit down and talk on Monday, and then he went berserk on us.”

The mogul said that once they told the ex-mayor that he wasn’t allowed to go on the air for his 3 p.m. show, he became “belligerent.”

Asked whether Giuliani’s actions after learning of his suspension could lead to him being fired, Catsimatidis said, “We’re meeting on Monday to decide what our next step is.

“Most likely the suspension will be permanent based on what he’s doing tonight.”

John Catsimatidis told The Post Friday Giuliani “did it to himself.” Aristide Economopoulos

“He did it to himself,” said Catsimatidis, who runs Red Apple Media.

But according to Giuliani, he had never been told about the policy.

Even more disorienting, he claimed the “stolen” 2020 election was a main focus of his show, which he has been hosting since 2021.

“Those of you who listen to me on WABC or this show are going to find it very, very strange to believe that there was such a policy,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani allegedly announced he would ignore the letter warning him to stop his tirades over stolen election claims. X/@RudyGiuliani

“If I didn’t talk about the 2020 presidential election, I wouldn’t been on the air for the last five years. You watch me. I talked about it every day, every night. It’s a substantial part of my show.

“If it was such a policy, I’d have to be crazy to keep doing it. Or I’d have to say the policy is meaningless.”

Giuliani accused of Catsimatidis of firing him in an attempt to get in good with the Democrats, who he claimed are gearing up to steal another presidential election.

Giuliani claimed Catsimatidis was working to appease Democrats. X/@RudyGiuliani

“The Democrat thing has something to do with it. And the fact that the Bidens are really zeroing in now on interference with the 2024 election. And remember, we can go right back to the beginning. The first thing Biden did as a candidate is write a letter to the network saying to keep me off,” Giuliani claimed.

“He began as a trailer trash little creep taking little bits with his scummy little brothers. And now he’s a world-class thief. Somehow strangely, he’s President of the United States.”

According to the former mayor, WABC also cut his co-host Dr. Maria Ryan, whom he encouraged to sue the radio station for a hostile work environment.

Giuliani didn’t get into specifics, but said she was “treated horribly as a woman” and implied the treatment extended to all women in the workplace.

The canning — costing Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer his $15,000-per-month salary — is the latest in a series of financial blows.

He faces a mountain of legal bills to fight criminal cases in Arizona and Georgia, where he was charged with trying to overturn the 2020 election — as well as multiple civil cases, including by the voting machine firms Dominion and Smartmatic and a former associate who accused him of sexual assault.

Working as a lawyer himself is off the table, too. Giuliani, who is also a former federal prosecutor, had his law license suspended in New York City in 2021. 

He faces disbarment for “his utter disregard for facts,” which “denigrate the legal profession,” a panel said last year.

Additional reporting by Chris Nesi.

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