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RNC Unveils ‘Biden Bloodbath’ Website Highlighting Border Crisis

On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a website that is a nod to former President Donald Trump predicting a “bloodbath” for the United States if he does not win a second term in the 2024 election — comments that drew controversy because legacy media coverage downplayed how he was talking about the auto industry.

The website, BidenBloodbath.com, is focused on highlighting the “horrors” of the border crisis under the leadership of President Joe Biden, according to the RNC. A statement said the website provides the “latest data” and “real-time messaging” to activists who sign up for updates. It also features subpages with statistics for various battleground states and a link to a fundraising page that says “Biden Bloodbath” in all caps.

“Biden is allowing vicious criminals, illegal drugs, gangs and terrorists into the United States. He alone has the power to reverse course and secure our border to protect our communities, yet he refuses to take action,” said Trump campaign spokesperson Danielle Alvarez. “Biden is prioritizing illegal immigrants over Americans. That’s why in November, we will vote to send President Donald J. Trump back to the White House to put an end to Biden’s border bloodbath.”

The move comes weeks after Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, and Michael Whatley were elected to lead the RNC after Ronna McDaniel announced she would be stepping down as chairwoman. It also follows polling from Gallup that showed immigration rose to the top of the list of what Americans view as the most important problem facing the United States.

Last month, legacy media outlets faced blowback for highlighting Trump’s warning of a “bloodbath” if he does not win re-election with headlines that failed to mention he was talking about the auto industry. Biden’s campaign released a statement on the “bloodbath” remark without a single mention of cars but repeated mentions of violence, alleging Trump “wants another January 6.”

“The Fake News Media, and their Democrat Partners in the destruction of our Nation, pretended to be shocked at my use of the word BLOODBATH, even though they fully understood that I was simply referring to imports allowed by Crooked Joe Biden, which are killing the automobile industry,” Trump posted on his Truth Social platform. “The United Auto Workers, but not their leadership, fully understand what I mean.”


Biden’s campaign also released an ad that featured Trump’s “bloodbath” comment — again without context — with dramatic music as well as clips related to the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 and the U.S. Capitol breach on January 6, 2021.

“The Trump campaign can try to spin all they want, but the context is clear: their candidate has spent every moment since his first campaign encouraging and excusing political violence. Repeatedly,” said Biden campaign spokesperson Sarafina Chitika, according to Axios. “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature of Donald Trump’s extremism. We take Trump at his word — and voters will too.”

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