RHONJ Stars Spill on ‘Explosive’ Upcoming Season 14

Some big changes are coming to the Garden State, with both Teresa Giudice and her estranged sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, sending their daughters off to college and a major shift taking place between former besties Margaret Josephs and RHONJ friend Jackie Goldschneider. “This season really shows everyone’s true colors,” says Teresa. “Everyone takes turns making trouble,” adds Dolores Catania (who has a big decision to make when her boyfriend of two years, Paulie Connell, finalizes his divorce). “It’s crazy. I call this season the royal rumble!” Here, Dolores, 53, Teresa, 51, Melissa, 45, Margaret, 57, and fellow castmates Jennifer Aydin, 47, Danielle Cabral, 38, and Rachel Fuda, 32, talk to In Touch’s Fortune Benatar about fractured bonds and what’s ahead.

How would you describe Season 14? 

Danielle: Expect the unexpected, right down to the last episode. 

Jennifer: Explosive, shocking and, of course, amazing!

Margaret: There are a lot of surprises, laughs and fabulosity. There’s also a shift in dynamics. Like the Jersey girls we are, we call it out and don’t leave anything unsaid!

Rachel: This season sees a divided cast enduring some very intense moments. Allegiances are tested and alliances are shuffled.

Melissa: Different. There are lots of changes in friendships. It was actually a very refreshing season for me!

Who causes the most drama? 

Danielle: There were quite a few troublemakers this year, not just one!

Margaret: All of us have our hands in some drama — but like every season, the trouble usually leads back to one specific person. 

Dolores: Not me!

Teresa: The Fudas.

Rachel: Let’s just say a valuable lesson was taught this season: Don’t mess with the Fudas.

Jennifer: Who else? Margaret! 

Melissa: It depends on the day.

Dolores, are you and Paulie talking about getting engaged soon? 

Dolores: I’m not sure what the future holds for Paulie and me, but I know I’m happy and at peace with where we are.

Teresa, the trailer teases some friction between you and your husband, Louie Ruelas. How are things going?

Teresa: Louie and I are great — we love living with our blended family.

Margaret, how did things get to the breaking point with Jackie? 

Margaret: I think the fans will be really surprised at how this all goes down. I don’t want to give too much away, but there’s a reason why you hear me say, “Jackie Judas Goldschneider,” in the trailer.

Melissa, do you feel like you were stuck in the middle of Margaret and Jackie’s feud?

Melissa: I don’t. I was surprised by Jackie’s change of heart. It came out of nowhere. If there was a true friendship, there could have been a deep conversation and they could have moved on. But there was not.

Danielle and Jennifer, you guys have an explosive fight this season. Where do you stand now?

Danielle: Nowhere near each other. 

Jennifer: In two very separate lanes.

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