RG Ortiz Funeral Home preyed on customers for years, once presented dead man’s body inside a plastic bag for viewing: watchdog

A Bronx-based funeral home chain accused of preying on customers for years did such shoddy work, it once presented a dead man’s body “sitting inside a plastic bag” for a viewing, the city’s consumer watchdog said.

At least 48 customers have complained about RG Ortiz Funeral Home over the past five years, including one who said their loved one smelled of decomposition and another who said their grandson’s eye “”would not stay shut, constantly opening and moving throughout the viewing,” according to the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection.

RG Ortiz has violated city codes and owes customers an unspecified amount of restitution, the DCWP contended in papers filed against the business with the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, or OATH.

The chain is also accused of refusing to tell families where the remains of their loved ones were; improperly handling bodies; misrepresenting or concealing prices and failing to provide paid-for materials and services,

The business has eight different funeral homes in the five boroughs and primarily serves Spanish-speaking communities.

It often took much longer than RG Ortiz said it would for remains to be returned to families, the city said.

One woman was told she would get her 5-month-old baby’s cremated remains within two to three weeks, but it ended up being two to three months, according to the OATH petition.

Another customer was told he’d get his dad’s ashes within three weeks, but allegedly had to wait nine months to receive them.

One grieving family claimed the Bronx funeral home lost their sister’s remains and sued the chain in 2018.

The Post previously reported the funeral home screwed up four memorial services in a few hours, even presenting a casket with the wrong person inside.

RG Ortiz has also presented remains in “unacceptable conditions,” the city’s suit claims. ABC7

The DCWP is also seeking various civil penalties against RG Ortiz for code violations.

“Grieving the passing of a loved one can be the most challenging moment in our lives and no one should be exploited by predatory business practices during such a vulnerable time,” said Department of Consumer and Worker Protection Commissioner Vilda Vera Mayuga.

RG Ortiz didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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