Remembering my late friend Maryanne Trump Barry


Goodbye to a first sister

This week Donald lost his older sister, 86-year-old Judge Maryanne Trump Barry. He knew her well. We visited each other and had dinner together. We once lived in the same building on Fifth Avenue.

At first they were in unison. Donald’s powerful connections did not go unnoticed when his lawyer sister became a long-time federal judge.

Maryanne sat with the family at his presidential inauguration. In recent years, her part retirement, part age, part illness, part diminished that union.

He once complained to me about his Christmas present. “Donald called Asprey because he was upset about the packaging,” he said. “It was a very special leather album, handmade by Asprey, but the problem was that I had wrapped it myself. “What happened was I accidentally stuck a pin in the ribbon and scratched the leather wrapping.”

A single, brief breakup in my 50-year friendship with DJT was anger when I didn’t attend his father’s funeral.

Donald always remained close to the family.

The people’s choice

Patrick Dempsey is this year’s sexiest man according to People magazine.

Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Sean Connery, John Legend and Idris Elba have already achieved it.

Caption: “It’s intimidating. Idris Elba was he “One year and I’m no longer Idris Elba.”

Good. But minus People, maybe you could pick Zach Galifianakis as the sexiest.

Now listen

More established celebrities: Santa Barbara International Film Festival — known primarily in Santa Barbara — considers “Barbie” star Ryan Gosling “the next Spartacus.”

CEO Roger Durling: WHO? – says Ryan to receive Kirk Douglas Award for Film Excellence – his that? – in January.

More: Tucker Carlson, RFK Jr., Consuelo Vanderbilt That’s three who will address the RiskOn360 Global Success Conference on Sunday and Monday at the Ahern Hotel in Las Vegas. Five hundred large paying customers will learn from the heavyweights what “Risk On” means.

More: Sting, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Tom Cruise, JFK, G. Clooney and Princess Diana stayed at the Hassler in Rome. Family-run for a century, deaf creator Roberto Wirth managed his hotel with scribbled notes. He is 72 years old and recently left us. Her twins, Roberto Jr. and Veruschka, remain elegant as always. With the holidays upon us, we let you know.

More: Eastsider columnist Arlene Kayatt says that in 1342 Lex’s maroon canopy once read “The Warhol.” It’s where he lived. That has already been overlooked. Some new owner might not be able to afford a cheap Warhol print?

More: In April, breathing became heavy upon hearing that longtime Papaya King was leaving uptown Yorkville. Relocation? A sheriff’s notice mentioned the eviction. I mean, please. This neighborhood fast food, which has been around since the time of the dinosaurs, is like a royal feast for locals.

Aid!! CALL FOR HELP! No more King Papaya? How about a papaya queen? Papaya prince? Meghan Markle Papa?

“Some awards perhaps in 2024 for the United States, the sweet land of charity: Senator Menéndez’s face printed on Egyptian money.” . . “Hunter Biden’s butt stamped on US currency”. . . Joe Biden’s brain finally settled on Joe Biden. . . “A surgically implanted abacus at Bankman-Fried”. . . “New bartending job offer for loudmouth AOC”. . . Hypodermic needle instilled in Fauci’s fauci. . . And the entire Congress united in Our Country Tis De Mí.

It will only be organized in New York, children, only in New York.


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