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Raging Bulls***

When campaigns are in meltdown, it seems like nothing they touch goes right. There are a lot of symptoms when campaigns are in meltdown; it’s very difficult for those campaigns to get their own voters back into the fold.

This is obviously true of reelection campaigns. It was true for Jimmy Carter in 1980, who had a really difficult time getting Democrats back in the fold. He barely won the election in 1976 against Gerald Ford, and then he ran against Ronald Reagan and got absolutely walloped.

Joe Biden is now in the middle of a campaign meltdown, which is evident because every story about the Biden campaign is about how he is struggling to win back voters that already should be in his back pocket.

It also means his campaign is now attempting bizarre and sundry tactics in order to gain headlines in the middle of a news cycle that is terrible for him.

In the past few weeks, different articles have been written about how Biden doesn’t believe the polls. That is a symptom of a campaign that is failing. Telling the media you don’t believe the polls typically means you’re losing.

Today, Axios reported Biden is launching a new strategy to win black voters. Let’s be clear about this: The black vote in the United States has gone for the Democrats by extraordinary numbers every single election cycle for the past several decades. Black voters were the key to Biden’s 2020 win. The numbers for Biden among black voters in 2020 were extraordinary. He got great turnout, particularly in terms of mail-ins, and he got an incredibly high percentage of the vote from black voters in 2020.

But now, Biden is in real trouble, and he’s having a tough time actually winning back those same black voters. Although 2020 found 92% of the black vote against Donald Trump, polling is currently showing Trump not only in the double digits, but also in the significant double digits among black voters. A recent New York Times/Siena survey put Biden’s support at 69 to 18 over Trump among blacks.

If Biden is having to campaign for black voters in Philadelphia or Detroit five months from the election, he’s in serious, serious trouble.

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That is the first indicator of a campaign that is in meltdown: having to shore up a voting base that has been historically strong for Democrats.

The second indicator is Biden denying the polling data, whistling past the graveyard.

Then, the third indicator is that the Biden campaign is now pulling out the stops on bizarre tactics that are not only unavailing, but they’re wildly counterproductive.

On Tuesday, Biden’s campaign showed up to stand outside the courtroom in New York in order to stump for Trump’s conviction.

Remember, it was considered wildly unpresidential for Trump to sound off on his own trial, where he is currently being tried in court. That was considered out of bounds. How dare he attack the justice system? How dare he intervene in the justice system? Meanwhile, Biden, the actual president of the United States, whose DOJ is presiding over multiple cases against his political opponent, is deploying his campaign to stand outside the courtroom in New York.

That’s not only unprecedented; it’s nuts.

It’s nuts.

It would be nuts enough if he deployed lawyers from his campaign to explain the case in front of the courtroom. That would obviously be deeply problematic considering the president of the United States acts, essentially, as the chief law enforcement officer in the land because he presides over the attorney general who presides over the DOJ. Biden deploying his own legal team outside the courtroom to rip on his political opponent in the middle of a trial is insane.

That’s crazy, but then it got crazier.

They didn’t just deploy some campaign lawyer to explain the case against Trump. They deployed a celebrity to go outside the trial and hold an event. That is a desperate move.

Who did they trot out on Tuesday? Apparently, they decided to be nimble and creative and trot out the Raging Bulls****er himself, Robert De Niro.

Honestly, I don’t know who came up with this idea. This is one of the stupidest political ideas I have ever seen in my entire life.

Yuki Iwamura/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The idea of the Biden campaign apparently was, “We have an unpopular 81-year-old incumbent who falls down a lot and babbles nonsensically. What if we get someone to defend him outside the courtroom where his political opponent is being tried on political grounds? What if we get an 80-year old, half-senile, doddering old man who recently fathered a small baby? Who do we have? That guy.”

And he’s an actor to boot.

He’s crazy enough that he spent the last several years going on random TV shows shouting “F Trump!” This is a man who has the credibility of the American people behind him. This is a man who has gravitas.

Three years after the end of COVID, wearing a mask.

De Niro arrived and proceeded to start rambling nonsensically.

This is the stupidest campaign ploy I have ever seen. Ever. It was really dumb in 2016 when Hillary Clinton trotted out a bunch of young actresses to sing “Fight Song” at the Democratic National Convention. It was cloying and annoying. But at least it was understandable in that it was an attempt to bring actual celebrities to do something celebrities do, like sing.

Bringing De Niro, a guy who plays a tough guy in the movies, to show up at the age of 80 and stagger over to a microphone to talk about a criminal trial? What was the logic?

This isn’t even a bank shot. It’s like one of those old Larry Bird/Michael Jordan commercials. Off the plane, off the house, off the tiger, off the backboard. Swish!


Who thought of this?

Robert “You talkin’ to me” De Niro, an elderly man, basically jabbered, “It’s no surprise that the murder rate and other violent crimes peaked under Trump and up falling under Biden. And now he’s promising to use our own military to attack U.S. citizens. That’s the tyrant.”

Is he talking to me? Is he talking to me? What in the world is he even jabbering about?

The notion that De Niro was going to be the tip of the spear in terms of Biden’s campaign was crazy. No one takes De Niro seriously. No one.

CNN and MSNBC know that the more they cover Biden, the more likely it is Biden will lose because he is terrible at being president. But the incompetents at the Biden campaign are apparently thinking, “Oh my. Every time I turn on CNN and MSNBC, they’re just showing Trump’s trial. We can’t get attention for our amazing campaign. Let’s get Robert De Niro out there at the age of 80 to babble about tyranny.”

This reeks of desperation.

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