PublicSq anti-wake app. sees an increase in traffic from Democrats

As major corporations grapple with how to respond to the war between Israel and Hamas, companies that have avoided woke posturing are seeing an influx of business, and some of their new buyers are Democrats.

PublicSq. – a website and shopping app that requires publicly traded companies to commit to values ​​like “freedom,” “family” and “the Constitution” – has tripled its traffic since the attacks on Israel a month ago, said its president, Michael Seifert. About money.

About 25% of new users are registered Democrats, according to internal company research.

Seifert points to the fact that numerous Black Lives Matter chapters, which have received millions in corporate donations in recent years, have posted in support of Hamas.

Meanwhile, companies like Starbucks and Apple have remained silent about the attack.

“Whenever there is international unrest, we see people prioritize supporting local businesses,” adds Seifert. “But now we see a concerted effort to avoid companies that have embraced every political cause except support for Israel.”

PublisSq. saw an initial surge in business after some shoppers objected to Target’s Pride month display and after a failed ad campaign for transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney to promote Bud Light.

About 25% of new users are registered Democrats, according to internal company research. PublicSq. President Michael Seifert.
Paola Morrongiello

But it was the last month that really served as a wake-up call and pushed people to reevaluate where they’re putting their money, according to Seifert.

“We’ve seen a tremendous uptick as consumers become more aware of the need to support small and national businesses, and are more aware than ever that corporate giving is rooted in false virtue signaling,” Seifert said.

Seifert said this is a “stark” reminder that many corporations actively oppose their beliefs and that buyers want a “parallel economy” of companies that are aligned with their values.

“I’m tired of all the political noise,” said one user who recently signed up. “I want to escape from it.”

To be approved for the platform, companies must promise to uphold PublicSq’s “pro-America” ​​values. and promise that they will not “spend time, money or resources in a manner antagonistic to those values,” according to a revised company presentation. by mail.

Users with an account can search the app for businesses in categories such as banking, beauty and jewelry. Customers can filter results to find a small business in their community or expand the search to the entire country, but they will know that all the businesses they search are operated by “pro-life, pro-family, pro-life” companies. freedom,” Seifert said.

That’s because each company is reviewed by a “research team” that ensures the companies publicly uphold those values, according to Seifert.

PublicSq., which can be accessed online or by downloading the app, is free for both users and businesses and generates revenue by selling ads.

Seifert told The Post that he believes focusing on the It is estimated that there are 100 million conservatives. in the United States, which are looking for alternatives to buying from companies that support a progressive agenda, will be big business.

According to a 5W PR study71% of Americans want to buy from companies that align with their values, and Seifert says that means there are tens of millions of underserved conservatives looking to support companies they can believe in.

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