Pro-Hamas thugs vandalize Union general statue and prove hating Israel and America go hand in hand

Boy, turns out those Jew-hating, pro-Hamas protestors are not only moral idiots — they’re historical illiterates, too. 

Witness their tantrum Monday night: Forestalled from hitting the Met Gala, they decided to engage in vandalism (just like MLK!) as they roamed the streets of New York.

Their targets? A World War I memorial to the 107th Infantry Regiment and a statue of William Tecumseh Sherman. 

Protesters set about vandalizing a World War I memorial and burned a US flag near Central Park. Jack Morphet/NY Post

What in the name of all that is holy do either of those figures have to do with Israel’s humane and justified counterattack against the would-be genocidaires of Hamas? 

Or with the modern Middle East at all?

The 107th Regiment fought in two world wars, the second of which was an actual battle against fascism (something these protesters claim to hate).

William Tecumseh Sherman, of course, is best known for his March to the Sea, a path of devastation he and his forces carved through slaveowning Georgia — where something far worse than the apartheid these thugs love to shout about was actually practiced — near the end of the Civil War.

But setting aside those historical realities, it’s a simple fact that a New York City army regiment and a Union general are utterly unconnected from Israel’s war. 

Protesters vandalized a World War I monument near the Met. Jack Morphet/NY Post
The protesters had tried initially to break into the Met Gala. James Keivom

So why pick them?

No doubt, part of it is simple brainless mob sentiment. Hamas Hulk smash!

Don’t forget their need to intimidate New Yorkers and disrupt and erode the social order, because bullying violence is way more satisfactory than rational argument (which they’d lose).  

More: A deep hatred of America and her role in securing the global liberal order plainly burns in these people’s hearts. 

That’s what pushes them to attack a statue of Sherman, who fought earthly evil like an avenging angel, and a monument to brave soldiers in a global conflict (and to burn Old Glory while they do so). 

Hating Israel and hating America, in other words, go hand in hand. 

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