NY DOE Regents Exam May Become Optional: Letters


The problem: The New York State Department of Education’s proposal to make Regents exams optional.

Are the people at the State Department of Education dumber than a rock (“Regents push to make a New York high school diploma worthless,” editorial, Nov. 14)?

The fact that they want to eliminate Regents exams is shameful.

We’ve already reduced graduation requirements and now we don’t want any.

These so-called educators are actually exterminators, killing the minds of young people instead of nurturing them.

Daniel Ricciardi


When I graduated from New Utrecht HS in 1969, there was a long-standing diploma system in New York City high schools.

College-bound students received diplomas that required numerous courses of Regents exams.

The diplomas responded to the different aspirations and abilities of the graduating students.

Now, however, we live in an era where academic achievement is viewed with suspicion.

The state Board of Regents’ response is not to recognize varying levels of aptitude or raise academic standards, but rather to institute a leveling process in which all students receive the same type of diploma regardless of their achievements.

This “everyone is a winner” diploma will come to be seen as useless among many universities and potential employers.

Dennis Middlebrooks


The new report on graduation measures is an effort to balance excellence and equity.

While public schools have made progress in equity over the past 30 years, the current societal cry is that we still have work to do.

Ultimately, the importance of exams is overstated. The Blue Ribbon panel seeks greater equity in measuring a student’s work, not just a test score.

Richard Jones


When I graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn, the Regents exams were a major benchmark in college admissions.

A high score could mean advanced placement in college.

Today, the old Regents standards barely exist.

The process of simplifying all grades to make “passing” easier does not fool anyone.

Better to push homeschooling and destroy the real evildoer: the teachers union.

Rich Klitzberg

Boca Raton, Florida.

The problem: Mayor Adams’ plan to recruit parents as volunteers to keep schools safe.

The mayor, in his infinite wisdom, wants to recruit parent volunteers to keep schools safe (“Mayor Adams says parents may have to volunteer after new school safety officers are eliminated,” Nov. 14).

The mayor caused this security crisis, and this is the best idea he could come up with?

Parent volunteers may not have training in de-escalating violent situations.

The lawsuits that will arise from this decision will offset any savings.

Daniel Gardner

States Island

Mayor Adams wants parents to volunteer as law enforcement officers, but budget cuts haven’t stopped him from spending thousands of dollars on international trips.

Thousands more could be saved by eliminating safety equipment for City Council members.

Take away their SUVs and give them MetroCards. Let them travel on the subway.

Mike Lapinga

States Island

It seems like every day Adams comes up with another dumb idea.

Their latest project is for parents to volunteer as security officers in public schools.

Why would a parent want to do this dangerous job for free?

It is obvious that Adams has become desperate.

The budget problems only show that Adams had no plan when he declared New York a sanctuary city.

New York is on the verge of collapse due to its misguided generosity.

nicolas maffei


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