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‘Not taking that f–king job’

A furious job applicant was in disbelief after he learned during an interview he would be paid $12 an hour for a T.J. Maxx position.

The man, whose full name was not disclosed but went by @sobeatmyass, took to social media in front of 362,000 viewers saying he was “not taking that f—king job,” on TikTok.

“Why the f–k did I have a job interview at T.J. Maxx the other day, and then everything went well, but in the end he [employer] told me that they pay $12 an hour and get paid every week,” the applicant, who appears to be from Pennsylvania says.

The man took to social media to say he was “not taking that f—king job” after he was told he would be getting paid $12 an hour. @sobeatmya**/TikTok

“In my head I’m like yeah, I’m not taking that f—king job because like what the f—k. That’s why their clothes are so cheap because [they’re] not paying those people,” he continued in his rant.

The applicant said he ended up taking the position when T.J. Maxx called him back to tell him he was hired, but he has since second guessed his decision making.

“Im truly baffled. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to tell this man ‘no’ on the phone just now, knowing I didn’t want to do this job. Now, I’m probably not just going to show up because I don’t even know what to do,” @sobeatmyass said in confusion.

“Cause $12 an hour, I couldn’t even wipe my a– with $12 an hour.”

At the end of his tirade, the stressed out now-employee asked viewers to let him know exactly what he should do.

According to the US Department of Labor, starting minimum wage at T.J. Maxx for Pennsylvania locations amounts to $7.25 an hour.

The applicant said he accepted the job at T.J. Maxx but was still conflicted with the low hourly pay they offered him.
The applicant said he accepted the job at T.J. Maxx but was still conflicted with the low hourly pay they offered him. Brett –

The popular retail store, known for selling discounted name brand clothes, home appliances, jewelry and more, is known for paying minimum wage for non-manager roles.

Many viewers told the new hire that he should keep the job if he’s currently unemployed, but still be on the lookout if he’s still unsatisfied with pay.

“Some money is better than no money! And paid weekly.. I’d do it until you find better! Good luck to you!!,” a cheerful commenter said.

“Well you already said yes. If you aren’t working, work there and continue to apply and interview other places,” another person advised.

Some were shining attention on the frustrated man needing to speak up and negotiate his low-ball pay.

“Dude you gotta negotiate. You gotta say, I’d love to but I really need $15/hr. They’re starting at the bottom but they have corporate permission usually to come up a certain amount,” one person wrote.

“Just call them back and say you got another offer for more money. Sometimes they come back to up your offer!” another replied.

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