No Labels won’t field 2024 presidential ticket

With the 2024 presidential election cycle in full swing, the group No Labels has announced that it will not field a presidential ticket.

“Today, No Labels is ending our effort to put forth a Unity ticket in the 2024 presidential election,” a press release noted. “Americans remain more open to an independent presidential run, and hungrier for unifying national leadership, than ever before. But No Labels has always said we would only offer our ballot line to a ticket if we could identify candidates with a credible path to winning the White House. No such candidates emerged, so the responsible course of action is for us to stand down.”

With former President Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden poised to face off this year, and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also in the mix, a potential ticket featuring candidates backed by No Labels would likely have struggled to gain traction.

“We have been working since 2010 to organize citizens across America and members of Congress through the Problem Solvers Caucus, which we created to push back on the extremes in our politics and push forward solutions to America’s biggest problems,” the press release noted.

“Post-election, No Labels will be prepared to champion and defend the values and interests of America’s commonsense majority. We will also bring our citizens and leaders together for a summit to discuss the path forward for our community and our nation. Suffice it to say that this movement is not done. In fact, it is just beginning,” the press release declared.

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