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MSNBC Analyst Delivers Full-On Sales Pitch For Biden

NBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann appeared to abandon all pretense of objectivity during a “Morning Joe” appearance on Thursday, delivering a full-on sales pitch to minority voters for President Joe Biden’s reelection.

Heilemann called on black and Hispanic voters to “do what you did in 2020,” claiming that no one believed there was a risk that minority voters would “flock” to the former president in droves. Rather, he said the risk was that voters who would otherwise vote for Biden — and other down-ticket Democrats — might stay home instead.


“The concern is that they stay home. In a very close election in all of those battleground states, is a large chunk of any of those parts of the coalition decide to just say, ‘Screw it, I’m not going to vote,’ that’s a problem for the Biden campaign,” Heilemann said.

Despite recent polling that indicates Trump has made inroads with Hispanic voters and black male voters in particular, Heilemann argued that moving the needle in Biden’s favor was just about getting them out to vote, not about drawing them back from Trump.


“What a devastating outcome it would be for their issues — for their interests. The interests of young voters, they are pocketbook interests, more on the economy than they are on Gaza, we see that in the polling,” he said.

“For African-Americans and Latino voters, a Trump re-election would be terrible for them,” Heilemann declared, in spite of the record employment numbers both black and Hispanic Americans saw during Trump’s time in office. “Just, please, do what you did back – from the Biden campaign’s point of view — do what you did in 2020 … that is the easier sell.”

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