Meghan Markle’s Hollywood Aspirations Are ‘Backfiring’

Meghan Markle’s dreams of showbiz glory have crashed on the rocks of reality, according to insiders who exclusively tell In Touch that Prince Harry’s wife is being laughed out of Hollywood after a series of new disasters! Sources say the former Deal or No Deal suitcase girl is now getting the cold shoulder from A-list buddies as her overblown efforts to become a star run into big trouble!

Meghan is scrambling to save her new, much-hyped podcast deal after honchos put it on ice, fearing it would be eclipsed by her freshly launched lifestyle brand and Netflix cooking show.

“Meghan gets greedy,” a high-level palace courtier tells In Touch. “She wants everything all at once, and it’s backfiring on her again. She’s become a total joke and is overplaying her hand.”

Insiders say the former Suits actress, 42, and 39-year-old Harry seem to have run out of moneymaking royal spins after being ostracized by their British kin for peddling sensationally revealing details in books, interviews and a TV documentary — and now need a new way to fill the coffers. “Almost everything they’ve tried has ended in disaster,” dishes the courtier.

The sussexes lost their $20 million Spotify deal last year and were branded “f–king grifters” by disappointed senior executive Bill Simmons, who was livid over their work.

“Hollywood is glam and glitz on the outside, but the real stars have worked hard for their success — and you get the impression hard work isn’t really Meghan’s thing,” reveals a showbiz source. “She was a nobody when she married Harry in 2018 but immediately thought she deserved a place at the A-listers’ table. “Now, after all her failures, those A-listers — and the royals — are laughing at her!”

In her latest embarrassment, Meghan launched her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, by sending jars of homemade strawberry jam to 50 acquaintances and internet influencers. But the promotion turned cringeworthy when sharp-eyed web surfers noticed in social media postings that the labels on the fancy jars were peeling off!

“Meghan had the opportunity of a lifetime by marrying a real-life prince,” says the palace courtier. “She had the potential of being in the world’s spotlight forever just by accepting her royal role. But she gave that up for bigger things, and now she’s flogging jam.

“No wonder people are laughing, on both sides of the Atlantic! We hear Harry’s laid down the law. He’s mortified by the blowback over their sketchy projects and is insisting he won’t tolerate another show business disaster. If the new projects go belly-up again, they are going to have to find new ways to pay their bills, including crawling back to the royal family.”

Sources say Meghan began overreaching in February, when she announced a development deal with Lemonada Media, a female-founded company whose mission is to “make life suck less.”

She’s onboard to host inspirational content as well as relaunch her “Archetypes” podcast, which was axed by Netflix last year after just one season.

Then, just a month after joining the media firm, she unveiled her American Riviera Orchard brand along with an upcoming show for Netflix, which is said to focus on cooking, gardening, entertaining and friendship.

“That clearly didn’t go down well with Lemonada,” notes the palace source. “They surely expected to be Meghan’s priority project, but she must have decided she had bigger fish to fry with Netflix.”

The Sussexes have a $100 million deal with the streaming service that’s on the line if they don’t produce significant content soon, sources say.

“I’m told the Lemonada execs put the brakes on her new podcast until 2025 — at least,” says our palace source. “It’s another miscalculation by Meghan.”

Now, the wheeler-dealer is said to be frantically struggling to hold it all together.

“Meghan’s new ventures are destined to fail,” says the courtier. “She has no experience in building a brand, and someone must tell her she needs to be more likable to be marketable.

“If the public doesn’t like you, they won’t get behind you, and no amount of money you throw at the problem will make it go away.

“Meghan is a control freak who’s finding out you can’t order someone to like you. She should have learned that lesson during her disastrous time at the palace, but she’s too blinded by her own ambition to see it!”

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