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McDonald’s Big Mac lovers disgusted by how onions are prepared: ‘I feel sick’

These onions might make you cry. 

Fast foodies with a taste for Big Macs are in for a rude awakening as McDonald’s staffers are unveiling the ugly truth about how the on-go grub giant allegedly prepares its once-beloved burger topping. 

“This is how we make our onions,” began a Mickey D’s cook named Huseyin in a viral video reveal of the seemingly vile veggie process. 

“First get two packs of dehydrated onions and put them in a container,” continued the whistleblower to a TikTok audience of more than 800,000. The trending clip featured a duet post of a fellow restaurant worker rehydrating the dehydrated dices with water and hulking ice cubes. 

McDonald’s employees are broadcasting previously unknown manner in which the hamburger hub prepares its onions. TikTok/tiktokhuss

“I don’t actually use ice, just water,” Huseyin explained of his preferred method for making the sludge. “Chuck it into the fridge, let it cool down, let the dehydrated onions rehydrate [in the] water.”

In a separate snippet, former McDonald’s executive chef Mike Haracz confirmed that the slightly stomach-churning prep is typically how the spicy bites are done ahead of being sprinkled atop hamburgers, cheeseburgers and Big Macs. 

However, the bearded know-it-all — who previously exposed the secret to frying up the greasy spool’s famed french fries at home — noted that most Golden Arches workers in the U.S. do chop fresh onion slices for its Quarter Pounders. The beefy burgers have also recently come under virtual fire as cheap grub gourmands suspect the patties have shrunken. 

Food fans have recently called McDonald’s into question over suspicions of recipe changes. AP

“Shipping water is expensive,” said Haracz in his video. “So, keeping [the onions] dehydrated makes it easier to get in the restaurant.

“And, of course, their shelf-life in a dehydrated state is quite long.”

The cost-effectiveness and simplicity of the recipe aside, stunned McDonald’s chowhounds were bah-da-bah-bah-bah not lovin’ it. 

Online, angry foodies swore off McDonald’s forever. Christopher Sadowski

“So shipping costs and shelf life are more important than taste and texture?” barked a nauseated naysayer beneath Haracz’s tell-all. 

“I’m never having [McDonald’s] again,” vowed another repulsed ex-patron under Huseyin’s post. 

“Just f–king cut them up,” an equally perturbed gripper wrote.  

“This is so gross,” penned a disenchanted diner. “Another reason [McDonald’s] is disgusting.”

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