Martha McSally says she was sexually assaulted on Wednesday

Former U.S. Senator Martha McSally revealed she was sexually assaulted while jogging on Wednesday.

in a video Posted on social media, McSally said a man approached her from behind, wrapping her “in a bear hug, and he abused me and fondled me until I fought him off.”

“I ran after him, threw my water bottle at him and chased him into the brush, where he then hid while I called 911 and waited for the police to come. I don’t think they would find him,” she said. saying.

A Council Bluffs Police Department Press release notes that “McSally lost sight of the suspect before officers arrived. After searching the area, the suspect was not located.”

on a thursday mailMcSally expressed her gratitude toward law enforcement, writing, “I very much appreciate local law enforcement and their efforts in keeping the community safe and finding my attacker. More on this later when appropriate.”

“As I sat at the airport waiting to board my flight, I was modifying my slides for my speech today. A wave of emotion surged. I didn’t push it away. The tears came. I didn’t care what the people around me thought. This is my trip,” he said. “The emotion was grief or sadness. It is understandable. One of many that will arise in the days to come. I felt it, experienced it with compassion and let it pass. I did not resist it, I did not shame it or repress it. But I did not feed it. “

Mcsally served as a United States Senator from early January 2019 to early December 2020.

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