Man holds at gunpoint suspected car thief until cops arrive; sources say he chased down suspect

A man chased down a suspected car thief last week in Maui and held her at gunpoint until police arrived, Hawaii News Now reported.

The station’s story also noted that the incident raises continuing “concerns over concealed carry laws.”

What are the details?

Hawaii News Now said a video “appears to show a Maui police officer arresting a woman while a man in plain clothes points a gun at her.”

Hawaii Firearms Coalition Director Andrew Namiki Roberts told the station, “It’s a 45-second video. It is at the point of arrest. We don’t know what’s happened before that. But based on the video, and the way the person with the firearm is interacting with the police officer, it makes me believe that the person didn’t do anything wrong.”

Maui Police told Hawaii News Now that the man seen holding the gun in the video isn’t with the department and that the incident is “under review/investigation.”

The station said sources indicated the man holding the gun chased down the woman who was driving a stolen vehicle in Wailuku on Feb. 11.

Roberts added to Hawaii News Now that the main reason why those with concealed carry permits can legally draw their guns is if their lives are in danger.

“In that situation, if the police officers arrived, maybe put your firearm away,” Roberts told the station in regard to the video showing the man holding the gun. “The police officer has the situation under control, maybe there’s no need for you to have your firearm out at that point. That’s just a safety aspect for everybody involved.”

Roberts added to Hawaii News Now that “of course, we’re not going to recommend vigilantism. Don’t go chasing down looking for criminals. Vigilantism isn’t something that we would like to see. If you see a stolen vehicle, you’re probably better off calling the police, letting them come in and handle it instead of trying to detain a person.”

Anything else?

The station said arrest records indicate the 31-year-old woman was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle and that police records show she later was released pending further investigation. Hawaii News Now said it’s unclear whether the man with the gun faced any charges.

Maui man uses gun to detain suspect, raising questions about concealed carry laws in

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