Live cam shows the impact of 4.8-magnitude earthquake in NYC — with the Statue of Liberty visibly shaking

Lady Liberty nearly lost her balance.

Live cams perched across New York City — including high atop the Statue of Liberty — captured Friday’s wild 4.8-magnitude earthquake in real time.

Footage from a camera in the statue’s torch showed the structure visibly quivering as crowds of tourists milled about below.

EarthCam footage shows the Statue of Liberty during the historic 4.8 magnitude earthquake. YouTube/EarthCam

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Two cams presenting sweeping views of a glistening New York Harbor suddenly began rocking back and forth with the One World Trade Center building off in the distance.

In addition to jolting Gotham, the earthquake wobbled Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey beginning at 10:23 a.m. Friday morning, with mild aftershocks rolling in during the afternoon.

Gov. Kathy Hochul said there was no significant damage or injuries and that further tremors were still possible.

The quake, which originated in Lebanon, NJ, shook up residents across the tri-state, with text messages immediately filling phones.

The locally sourced earthquake was the strongest to hit the area since 1884.

New York Post cover for April 6, 2024.
The camera vibrated vigorously as it captured the New York skyline during the quake. YouTube/EarthCam
EarthCam has cameras located around New York and the tri-state area and helped to capture the historic occurrence. YouTube/EarthCam

“All of us felt in some way or another the earthquake that hit our city,” Mayor Eric Adams said. “New Yorkers should go about their normal day.

Hizzoner said he didn’t expect any infrastructure disruptions.

“Earthquakes don’t happen every day in New York,” he said. “We’re ready for the unexpected; this is New York City.”

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