Letters to the editor, November 23, 2023

The problem: Resources in New York City and the state dedicated to immigrant housing.

President Biden’s open border policies are now impacting police funding and education systems in New York City (“New York Immigrant Plight Makes No Sense: Manchin,” Nov. 20).

The cost of migrants crossing the border and receiving housing, health insurance, and basic necessities makes American citizens less safe. This is causing New York to support immigrants more than our own citizens.

Albany County Democrats voted against bills to track the financial impact of arriving immigrants. Their message is: get over it and prepare for the next wave.

Choices have consequences. Think about it before you vote next year.

Pablo Burgdorf


The immigration crisis has directly impacted security in New York.

Mayor Adams has announced budget cuts everywhere (but especially in the police force) to pay for the growing migrant population.

We have the right to live in peace. That right should not be overridden by the rights of those who break the law.

Mindy Rader

New city

As sad as the migration crisis is for those desperately seeking a better life for themselves and their families, we must not lose sight of the negative impact it has on citizens.

Most of us pay a substantial portion of our income in federal and state taxes.

All of this is supposedly necessary to support the government, the same government that seems to have no problem inviting and supporting waves of immigrants.

Simple question: Why are they charging us to death when the government always seems to be able to provide billions on demand (despite being trillions in debt) for migrants and every other pet project?

Niles Welikson

Williston Park

New York City voters are to blame for both pillars of the financial crisis: excessive debt and spending.

The combined financial incompetence of Mayors Bill de Blasio and Adams can only be corrected through budget cuts, which harm the quality of life and will cause more middle-class citizens to leave New York City.

Ed Houlihan

Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA

The problem: the Biden team’s consideration of the United Nations as a security solution in Gaza.

It is clear that the Biden administration has never learned anything, nor forgotten anything, from its numerous political failures in the Middle East (“Hand over the UN to Gaza?” Eugene Kontorovich, PostOpinion, November 20).

Biden would hand over the governance of a post-Hamas Gaza to the Palestinian Authority, while security would be entrusted to interim United Nations peacekeepers. The history of the latter, as Kontorovich demonstrated, is one of abject failure.

Israel must demilitarize and deradicalize a liberated Gaza. Instead of returning to the failures of the past, could moderate internal leadership not emerge?

Some kind of shared leadership could prevent the emergence of another one-party state that crushes citizens.

After Gazans have suffered under Hamas’ dystopian rule, that could happen.

Richard Wilkins


Israel should not depend on the UN for its security. The UN has a history of anti-Israel bias considering its complete lack of oversight of Hezbollah.

Israel must have a military presence in Gaza until any threat to its security is eliminated. An international peacekeeping force can oversee Gaza’s recovery afterwards.

Otherwise, more wars will follow.

Young Mel


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