Lebanese illegal immigrant caught at US border admits he’s Hezbollah member planning to go to New York to ‘make a bomb’

A Lebanese illegal immigrant caught trying to cross over the U.S. southern border reportedly admitted that he is a member of Hezbollah. The alleged member of the Iran-back terrorist group intended to go to New York and planned to “make a bomb,” according to a new report.

The New York Post reported on Sunday, “Basel Bassel Ebbadi, 22, was caught by border patrol on March 9 near El Paso, Texas. While in custody he asked what he was doing in the US, to which he replied: ‘I’m going to try to make a bomb,’ according to a Border Patrol document exclusively obtained by The Post.”

The outlet reported that Ebbadi is a Lebanese national and a member of Hezzbolah – a Shia Islamist militant group based in Lebanon.

The U.S. State Department designated Hezbollah as a foreign terrorist organization in 1997.

In a sworn interview, Ebbadi reportedly told investigators that he had trained with Hezbollah for seven years. The Lebanese national said his training focused on “jihad” and killing people who were “not Muslim,” according to The Post.

He allegedly said that he later served Hezbollah by guarding weapons locations for another four years.

Ebbadi later claimed that he fled Lebanon because he “didn’t want to kill people” and said, “Once you’re in in, you can never get out,” according to internal documents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

According to the report, Ebbadi didn’t have documents when he illegally entered the U.S. through the southern border. He alleged that he was robbed “with a knife” while he was in Costa Rica, according to the ICE documents.

He reportedly confessed to having used a fake name and birthday while traveling in Sweden, Ecuador, and Panama.

Ebbadi allegedly admitted that he planned on venturing to New York after illegally entering the United States.

The illegal alien was reportedly detained and referred for an interview with the Tactical Terrorism Response Team for allegedly making “terroristic threats to personnel.”

In February, a report was released based on Customs and Border Protection data that found that more than 30,000 migrants with possible ties to terrorism or other “nefarious activity” were released into the United States in the last 15 months.

In January, ten retired FBI directors and experts in counter-intelligence warned Congress that the border crisis under President Joe Biden has allowed “military aged men from across the globe” to easily enter the United States. The ex-FBI officials proclaimed that the U.S. is “extraordinarily less safe and secure” because of the migrant invasion.

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Migrant from Lebanon caught at border admits he’s a Hezbollah terrorist hoping ‘to make a bomb’

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