Kim and Khloe Turn on Kris Jenner Over Kardashians Feud Plot

Kris Jenner continues to push familiar plotlines on The Kardashians, most recently another version of the supposed Kim versus Khloé Kardashian feud – and it’s getting tiresome and irritating for the sisters to keep up with their mom’s charades, a source exclusively tells In Touch.

“Kim and Khloé do have some tensions the way most sisters do, but the way Kris is amping it up and making it this season’s big plot line is getting on both their nerves,” an insider says about the Skims entrepreneur, 43, and the Good American founder, 40.

“It’s not just what they do on the show, they also have to keep up the facade when they’re out in public so that people buy into it, whether that’s at family get togethers or events or even what they show on social media,” the source continues.

The insider reveals it’s “annoying” for the siblings since they “actually do spend time together,” and notes how Kim’s daughter Chicago West and Khloé’s daughter, True Thompson, are “very close,” which makes it “awkward to have to play into this whole feud storyline.”

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“Last season it was Kourtney [Kardashian] that had to be the odd person out and it was a real pain, but at least that had a lot more weight to it because she and Kim were genuinely having a lot of trouble getting along. It generated a lot of interest and high ratings so naturally Kris seized on it as a good idea and basically demanded another sister feud for this season,” the source dishes about the family matriarch, 68.

“She’s settled on Kim and Khloé, which to their mind is not cool because it’s amplifying tensions for ratings and Kim in particular is not happy about it because once again, she’s being made out to look like a jerk. She goes along with it but has a heavy heart. And Khloé just wants to live her life in peace and be away from this drama,” the insider explains of the siblings.

Season 5 of The Kardashians premiered on May 23 to stellar ratings, as Disney said it received 3.9 million views globally in its first four days across Hulu, Disney+ and Star+. That made the show Disney’s most-watched unscripted series premiere so far in 2024.

Fans got amped up for the Kim versus Khloé showdown when the super tease trailer dropped on May 8, which made the sisters’ “feud” the centerpiece plot.

Khloé shared, “Sisters can be vicious and brutal,” in a confessional, while Kim countered by declaring, “Khloé is unbearable these days.”

Kim and Khloe Turn on Kris Jenner Over Kardashians Feud Plotline

During a sit-down conversation, Kim told her younger sibling, “You don’t realize you sometimes have a stick up your ass,” as Khloé defended herself, responding, “You are going through a lot right now and you’re taking it out on me.” The aspiring lawyer then yelled at her sister to “get out,” although she was already heading toward the door.

Both Kim and Khloé are “begging Kris to give them a rest, which is not going down well,” the insider said about their onscreen feuding, and its causing tension with not just Kris but other family members as well.

“Kourtney’s angry that Khloé’s trying to weasel out of it after she put in all the work last season. And Kris is upset that they’re pushing back and telling her to come up with another storyline when she’s worked hard to keep this cash cow going for them. In her view, the least they can do is go along with her ideas since no one else ever comes up with any,” the source reveals.

“It’s a total mess and even Rob [Kardashian] and Kendall and Kylie [Jenner] are getting dragged into it because Kim and Khloé are pointing fingers and saying they need to pull their weight more,” the source adds.

Rob, 37, hasn’t appeared on The Kardashians except for a brief cameo at a dinner party during a May 2022 episode. He had stopped appearing on the family’s former E! series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and has stayed out of the spotlight in recent years amid ups and downs in his personal life.

Kendall, 27, has been a reluctant participant on the family’s two reality shows, with Kris even admitting to the Wall Street Journal in June 2023, “I understood that she wanted to do it her way and distance herself when and if she wanted to,” about the model’s lessened involvement.

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