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KFC debuts the ‘Chizza’ chicken pizza — but is it any good?

Can’t decide between fried chicken or pizza? Now you can enjoy both simultaneously.

After stopping hearts around the globe, KFC’s “Chizza” — a mashup of these two iconic fast foods — has finally made its much-anticipated US debut.

From February 26, stateside KFC outlets will offer this high-octane hybrid for a limited time only, promising an artery-clogging crossover for the ages.

For KFC diehards, this marks a coming-out party for the Chizza, which debuted in the Philippines in 2015, before regularly appearing at KFC outlets in China, Thailand, Germany, Spain and other countries.

The author prepares to try a Chizza. Brian Zak/NY Post

“The fan-favorite mashup is finally available in the U.S. after making its way around the
world – try it while you can!” said KFC US’ CMO Chavez.

As advertised, the Chizza — which showed up at a free “Chizzeria” pop-up on 14th Street in NYC on Friday – entails two extra crispy KFC chicken filets slathered with marinara sauce.

These are then topped with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices to make the pizza-fication complete.

Despite the familiar constituents, I was initially hesitant to try the Chizza. As this former China expat can attest, the Far East’s Frankenfood creations from fast food chains — like Pizza Hut’s shrimp, mayo, hotdog and wasabi-mayonnaise monstrosity from 2013 — don’t cater to all tastes.

To celebrate Chizza’s stateside debut, KFC transformed its restaurant at 242 E 14th St. in NYC into a “Chizzeria” pop-up exclusively serving Chizza. AP
The Chizza originally debuted in the Philippines in 2015. Brian Zak/NY Post
Hungry customers wait in a long line to try the Chizza at the Chizzeria pop-up on East 14th St. in the East Village. Helayne Seidman

Fortunately, the Chizza is light years more palatable, even if it does skew a bit more chicken than pizza.

Its flavor profile rings closer to that of a chicken parmigiana, and the chicken managed to maintain its herbal essence despite being thoroughly baptized in marinara.

The Chizza will be offered at US KFC outlets for a limited time only.

Having previously tried this dish in Shanghai in 2017, I can safely say that the quality is fairly consistent from country to country.

The Chizza comes in two sizes, small or large.

Customers can also get it as part of a combo meal with coleslaw, beans and other sides for $14.

However, they’re a tad chintzy with the cheese, so don’t expect to be doing any record-breaking “pulls” with this one.

All told, the Chizza might not be able to replace either fried chicken or pizza. However, this pie-in-the-sky creation can definitely be used to sop up the suds after an all-night bender.

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