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Kevin McCarthy Weighs In On Returning To Government If Trump Wins

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) suggested over the weekend that he would be open to returning to serve in the U.S. government in some capacity if former President Donald Trump wins back the White House this fall.

McCarthy made the remarks during a Sunday interview with CBS News’ Margaret Brennan on “Face The Nation” after talking about the Republicans’ majority in the House continuing to shrink after several members announced that they were resigning.

“Do you have plans to return to government potentially in a Trump administration?” Brennan asked.

“Look, I have always said I will serve whichever way if I’m the best person for the job,” McCarthy responded. “But I think people worried about whether they get a job in the next administration is the wrong place to be. You first have to have the election. I think you should be going out to the American public and showing them, yes, with President Trump get elected, we would have a secure border.”

“We’d have a stronger economy,” he continued. “We wouldn’t be evacuating five embassies. We wouldn’t have war around the world. We would be much stronger and the future would be much brighter.”

Brennan, an avowed leftist, repeatedly interrupted and claimed that McCarthy’s statements were “counterfactuals.”

“I don’t think so,” McCarthy fired back. “I served with both presidents. That’s exactly the situation today. We have evacuated five embassies under President Biden. We’ve had high inflation under President Biden. We have a wide-open border. We have people who are on the terrorist watch list, more people in one month of February getting across our border than the entire time when President Trump was in office.”



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