Jon Gosselin feels ‘relieved’ after Kate’s lawsuit is dismissed

Jon Gosselin Not only is he “relieved” that his ex-wife Kate GosselinThe $132,000 back child support lawsuit has been settled, but he believes it’s time for her to “earn her own money,” a source close to the situation tells him. In contact exclusively.

The DJ, 46, is convinced that “the judge fully agreed with both the family court judge’s decision and the superior court judge’s decision and therefore Kate lost on her third attempt to get money” from him, the source says, adding that the father of eight also felt uncomfortable with his ex-wife, 48, using money from his children’s accounts to stay afloat financially.

“It was hard enough for Jon watching Kate have her kids filmed for most of their childhood, only to dip into their hard-earned money to spend on herself,” the source says, alluding to the admission. advance from another source about In contact that Kate “borrowed” $100,000 from her children’s trust fund “to survive.”

“At this point, Jon is just hoping Kate realizes that the kids are grown and it’s time to make their own money,” adds the source close to ongoing events. “Hopefully Kate will get a job and make a living like Jon has been doing for years.”

Jon’s financial battle with his ex came to an end on November 14. In contact confirmed through online court records. Kate originally filed an adverse reactivation against Jon on September 7, 2022, requesting that the court confirm a previous ruling in her favor. The complaint, filed in March, demanded $132,875 from Jon in back child support.

“She is suing for support over money that was created by domestic relations in 2012. It was at that time that she wanted legal custody of the children so she could film and make more money,” a source previously claimed. Sun October 31st. “She is relentless and desperate for money, so now she is trying to file a lawsuit.”

In response, Jon’s legal team argued that the North Carolina nurse filed the claims because she was awarded custody of two of her sextuplets, Hannah and Colin. The 2012 sentencing note in favor of Kate was at the center of the trial, with the DJ’s team arguing that due to his prolonged estrangement from all but two of his children, he should not be financially responsible to his ex-wife given that the “claimed term of punishment punishes the child. This not only distances the child from a beneficial life with a parent, but also makes it impossible to determine best interests when they are in dispute.”

Jon’s legal team stated that the sentencing note was “void” for the aforementioned reasons, adding that if he sought “the custody to which he is entitled, when the full amount will be due and owed.”

The source’s estimate of Jon’s response to the lawsuit comes amid Kate’s ongoing financial woes. A separate source said In contact in October that the former reality star, who earned around $250,000 per episode of Jon and Kate plus eight at any given time – you are living “paycheck to paycheck.”

“She’s fallen pretty far from being one of the country’s top reality stars,” the source explained. “Kate is currently living a very quiet and boring life in North Carolina. She doesn’t date and has very few friends; In fact, her best friends are practically her children.”

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