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It’s On. Trump Vs. Biden. And The Democrats Remain Delusional.

It’s on. Trump vs. Biden.

Part Deux Electric Boogaloo. Are you ready for the sequel? The Revenge Campaign. 

It’s Donald Trump, the first Republican candidate since Richard Nixon to be nominated three separate times and the first presidential candidate to think about two nonconsecutive terms since Grover Cleveland, running against the oldest president in American history, Joe Biden.

Biden has trotted out a memo, issued in full to media outlets, by Jen O’Malley Dillon and campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez.

The memo begins:

Subject: Trump Enters The General Election Beleaguered and Ill-Equipped

Date: March 6, 2024

The results of last night’s Super Tuesday contests cemented what we have known for some time now: Donald Trump limps into the general election as a wounded, dangerous and unpopular candidate. The Republican nominee is cash-strapped, beleaguered by a host of external issues, and is running on an extreme agenda that is already proving to be a significant liability for key voting blocs that are critical to the pathway to 270 electoral votes.

That’s some wishful thinking, given the fact that Trump is in a commanding pole position. Previously, he did not lead at pretty much any point in the 2020 race. In fact, in the last few months of polling in 2020, Trump led in precisely two polls in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

Then he outperformed the Real Clear Politics polling average by about three percentage points. He tends to outperform his polls in general elections because there are so many people voting for Trump who don’t want to tell pollsters they’re actually going to vote for Trump.

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Right now, Trump has led this race in the Real Clear Politics polling average since mid-September. In 24 of the last 30 polls, Trump has been in the lead. So when they say that he has significant liabilities, that’s true, but he does have one particular asset: Joe Biden is the other candidate.

The memo continues:

Meanwhile, Team Biden-Harris heads into the general election coming off of consistent wins up and down the ballot, maintains a historic and growing grassroots-powered war chest, and now adds a strong Super Tuesday showing last night to enter the general election well-prepared and well-positioned to win this November.

Notice how much they’re relying on the amount of cash they have stacked up in the back room.

Let me make something very clear: The amount of cash in a presidential election cycle is no longer determinative of victory. Democrats have routinely outspent Republicans. Hillary Clinton outspent Trump widely in 2016. It does not matter what they are going to do to change people’s opinion of Trump at this point. Everyone already knows what they think of Trump.

There aren’t any late-breaking voters in this election cycle. Trump has been the center of the American political universe since 2015. The year is now 2024. For a full decade, the entire political universe has revolved around him.

Biden has been a known quantity since the 1970s. He was in the Senate before I was born. There is no one in this race who’s sitting around saying, “Man, I just can’t. I can’t. Who are these guys? I need some introductory ads. Probably if they drop $1,000,000,000 introducing me to Joe Biden…” But maybe they don’t think everyone knows what they already think of these candidates.

The Biden delusional memo continues:

Building off of last night’s momentum, tomorrow evening’s State of the Union address will provide the American people with the latest example of the stark choice they will be confronted with in November between President Biden, who remains laser-focused on delivering for the American people while running on a historically popular record of accomplishment, and Donald Trump, whose failed record and dark vision for this country is as dangerous as it is unpopular with the voters who will decide this election.

This is clearly not an internal memo, made obvious by the fact it is directed solely at outside consumption — and because it’s filled with crap. When they say Biden is laser-focused — in the sense that a cat is focused laser-like on an actual pinpoint on the wall — Biden is not laser-focused on anything except his oatmeal, and that’s only between the time that his oatmeal reaches the bowl and the time that his spoon hits the oatmeal. Between there and his mouth, things go totally haywire.


When they say Biden is running on a historically popular record of accomplishment, I would love to see some polling that bears such.

The memo continues:

National polling, eight months out, confirms what we know to be true: this will be a very close general election contest like all modern presidential elections are. — but, we have a clear path to victory. Beyond Donald Trump’s demonstrated inability to expand his appeal beyond the MAGA base, which this memo covers in detail below, upwards of 10% of voters remain undecided, much larger than the current margin between Trump and Biden in polling.

So they’re now counting on everybody who’s categorized as undecided to vote in favor of Biden. Good luck with that. That is very large-scale wishful thinking. That’s a bunch of people who don’t want to say they’re voting for Trump. I would bet, if the election were held today, independents would break for Trump.

The biggest problem for Biden is that he’s personally a deeply unattractive candidate. Most people think he is not sympathetic and manipulative, which is a big difference from 2020. He has been exposed as somebody who is willing to do pretty much anything for political gain and label his political opposition as enemies of the state. He’s somebody who will go to funerals for other people’s children and then say his son died in Iraq. He’s somebody who has engaged in corruption for decades with members of his own family.

And more than anything else, the man is just not with us. That is a major problem. Donald Trump is still energetic.

Joe Biden is old and Joe Biden is not alive anymore.

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