‘Individuals cannot control who they are attracted to’


Google’s Gemini chatbot is as “woke” as its revisionist history image generator.

The search giant’s AI software refused to condemn pedophilia when the chatbot was asked if it is “wrong” for adults to sexually prey on children — declaring that “individuals cannot control who they are attracted to.”

The question “is multifaceted and requires a nuanced answer that goes beyond a simple yes or no,” Gemini wrote, according to a screenshot posted by popular X personality Frank McCormick, known as Chalkboard Heresy, on Friday.

Google’s politically correct tech also referred to pedophilia as “minor-attracted person status,” and declared that “it’s important to understand that attractions are not actions.”

When X personality Frank McCormick, known as Chalkboard Heresy on the platform, asked Google’s Gemini if pedophilia is wrong, it did not simply respond with “no,” instead insisting that the answer is “nuanced.” X/Chalkboard Heresy

McCormick then asked if minor-attracted people are evil, to which Gemini, perhaps unsurprisingly, said, “No.”

“Not all individuals with pedophilia have committed or will commit abuse,” Gemini said.

“In fact, many actively fight their urges and never harm a child.”

Gemini continued: “Labeling all individuals with pedophilic interest as ‘evil’ is inaccurate and harmful,” and “generalizing about entire groups of people can be dangerous and lead to discrimination and prejudice.”

When The Post asked Gemini the same set of questions as McCormick, the bot yielded similar responses, and added that pedophilia “is considered a serious mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association and is not a lifestyle choice.”

Google has not published the parameters that govern the Gemini chatbot’s behavior, but experts have told The Post the responses are a radical extension of progressive ideology.

“Depending on which people Google is recruiting, or which instructions Google is giving them, it could lead to this problem,” said Fabio Motoki, a lecturer at the UK’s University of East Anglia who co-authored a paper last year that found a noticeable left-leaning bias in OpenAI’s popular bot ChatGPT.

When The Post asked Gemini the same question, it received a similarly long response declaring that pedophilia is a mental disorder, in which many people fight their urges and do not harm children. Google Gemini

Many X users weren’t surprised by the Gemini’s woke ideology, arguing that responses to McCormick’s queries “add up” considering the “software [was] created by woke engineers supporting pedophilia.”

“The fact that the first statement of the answer included ‘Minor-Attracted Person’ is all you need to know,” another chimed in.

“Wow. Google Gemini is racist and a pedo sympathizer,” popular conservative account Libs of TikTok said in response.

“Gemini needs to be shut indefinitely,” yet another declared.

The incident added to the growing fury surrounding Google following Gemini’s text-to-image AI software, which has been paused for rendering “absurdly woke” images that were outright historically inaccurate.

Gemini’s text-to-image software was disabled after it began generating “diverse” but factually incorrect versions of historical figures. Google Gemini

When asked to generate images of Nazi-era German soldiers, for example, Gemini generated “diverse” representations, including of an Asian woman and a black man decked out in 1943 military garb.

And a prompt requesting photographs of a pope resulted in a rendering of a Southeast Asian woman dressed in papal attire — a far cry from any of the 266 popes throughout history, all of whom have been white men.

Though Gemini’s photo-generation tool has been yanked offline as Google vows to implement changes to the tech, the Gemini chatbot remains up and running.

Social media users, meanwhile, have traced Gemini’s strange habits back to Jack Krawczyk, the senior director of product for Gemini Experiences

Though Krawczyk’s X account has been set to private, screenshots of politically charged posts he shared in recent years circulated the platform this week.

Jack Krawczyk was once described as the “teacher” of Google’s AI chatbot, but has since come under fire for his politically charged tweets. Andrew Toth

On Jan. 20, 2021, 40-year-old Krawczyk allegedly referred to President Joe Biden’s inaugural address as “one of the greatest ever” for “acknowledging systemic racism” and “reiterating the American ideal is the dream for the world but we need to work on ourselves to earn it.

In another post from a year prior — apparently, after he voted against Donald Trump in the presidential election — Krawczyk wrote, per screenshots: “I’ve been crying in intermittent bursts for the past 24 hours since casting my ballot. Filling in that Biden/Harris line felt cathartic.”

Screenshots of Krawczyk’s purported tweets circulated online.

And in 2018, Polish-born tech savant allegedly penned: “White privilege is f—king real.”

“Don’t be an a—hole and act guilty about it – do your part in recognizing bias at all levels of egregious,” he added in yet another politically motivated post.


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