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I’m a mom who breastfed my husband — now we want a fourth child so he can do it again

A Florida woman bonded with her husband by breastfeeding him — and they’ve considered another child just so they can keep it going.

Rachel Bailey, 31, and her husband, Alexander, 30, have been “grieving” their nontraditional bonding method since their youngest son stopped breastfeeding and Rachel stopped producing breastmilk.

“I was breastfeeding both my son and my husband, and then one day my son was just no longer interested in my breast milk at all,” Rachel told Caters News. “I continued feeding Alexander for about two weeks, but it was like my body knew that my son no longer needed the milk and it was all gone.”

Alexander with his face between Rachel’s breasts. Caters News Agency

They considered having a fourth child so they can get their breastfeeding experience back, but ultimately decided they should look for other ways to bond.

“We realized that was drastic action to take and a lot of work, so instead we began looking for other ways that we could bond as a couple,” Rachel admitted.

Rachel and Alexander with their three kids. Caters News Agency

The couple now wakes up at 5 a.m. every day to meditate and have time together before the day begins.

“We get up each morning at 5 am before the craziness of the day begins and enjoy the calmness of the early morning. We chat, meditate and just breathe,” Rachel shared. “We also started some business ventures together so that has been a new fun way for us to bond.”

Ever since Rachel first shared that she breastfeeds her husband after feeding her baby, she has gotten odd requests.

“I still have people asking me every day if they can buy my breastmilk. I have even had people asking if they can meet up with me so that I can breastfeed them too,” she said.

“We had lots of requests from people asking us to make videos of ourselves breastfeeding, but we never considered it although I’m sure the money would have been nice.”

But Rachel insists that breastfeeding was “never a sexual thing” for her and her husband — they did it because it was an “amazing way for us to bond and share something special as a couple.”

Rachel while she was pregnant with their youngest child. Caters News Agency

The couple gets a lot of trolls and hate comments on the internet, but they don’t let it bother them. They’ve only ever received hate online — never in person.

“When people see us in person, they’re usually really nice and understanding about it which is the main thing,” Rachel said.

“We really miss the breastfeeding times that we shared, but we have found new ways to connect.”

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