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I’m a 35-year-old woman — I flew 5,000 miles for a first date

She’s willing to go the distance for love.

Roving romantic Kayleigh Castle, 35, flew more than 5,000 miles from London to San Francisco for a promising first date — only to find out the adventurous soul of her dreams was something of a dud.

The professional life coach took the bold step of flying half way around the world for love after first being approached by the anonymous gentleman at a bar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where the two were vacationing last fall, SWNS reported.

After messaging for months, the man invited Castle to California — at his expense. Kayleigh Castle / SWNS

Wondering their ensuing beach romance wasn’t the start of something big, the avid TikToker began messaging with the man, eventually scoring an invite to the Golden State, where her then-suitor lives and works.

In February, Castle traveled to San Francisco for a 10-day “date” with the man, which he happily paid for.

But very soon, after enjoying time together in some of the West Coast’s most scenic spots, Castle realized something was off.

“He booked my flights, asked what I wanted to do — we went wine tasting, we went on a nice coastal drive — and then I came back home,” Castle explained.

The twosome first took in the coastline south of San Francisco, visiting the charming town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, before venturing nland to Yosemite National Park, which is where Castle said things began to go downhill.

The hopeful twosome took in a bit of everything California has to offer. Kayleigh Castle / SWNS

The man was too busy staring at his phone and too focused on work to appreciate one of the most beautiful places on earth, Castle said.

“I love walking but he wanted to stay in the car on his phone,” she recounted. “Walking…that is my quality time — but he was working and going to the bar.”

Despite her disappointment and their lack of a real connection, Castle said she has no regrets about the experience, focusing on the fact that they’ve become good pals.

Her suitor’s lack of interest during a visit to Yosemite National Park seemed to be the dealbreaker for the British walking enthusiast. Kayleigh Castle / SWNS

“We have decided just to stay friends, dating is evaluating, it is over time you get to know everyone,” she said.

“We’re still in touch and we had a lot of fun but we have decided to be friends.”

And the experience hasn’t turned her off in the least — Castle has another epic “date” planned with another man she encountered in Mexico.

The two are set to travel through Europe together later this year.

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