Illegal immigrant from Venezuela charged after causing car crash that killed 12-year-old Missouri boy

An illegal immigrant from Venezuela has been charged with manslaughter after she caused a car crash in Missouri that killed a 12-year-old boy. The New York Post reported that the immigrant was traveling on the wrong side of the road when the crash occurred.

Edina Bracho, 33, was reportedly speeding on the opposite side of the road in Hazelwood in December when her minivan smashed into a Jeep with Travis Wolfe and his parents inside. Bracho was traveling 75 miles per hour in a 40-mile-per-hour speed zone.

The crash occurred just one day before Wolfe’s birthday.

The boy was quickly rushed to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where he was ultimately put on life support. He remained on life support for three months before passing away from his injuries on Wednesday.

Bracho was charged with involuntary manslaughter, two counts of assault in the second degree, two counts of endangering a child in the first degree, and a single count of operating a vehicle without a valid license, according to KTVI.

Court documents revealed that “the defendant is here illegally from Venezuela.”

Sgt. Scott Schnurbusch of the Hazelwood Police Department said, “That did not play a part in our investigation. It was just difficult identifying all parties involved because we didn’t have documentation or identifications in the vehicle to try to figure out who the two juveniles and the suspect were.”

Bracho is reportedly in custody and awaiting trial. She is currently being held on a $500,000 cash-only bond. She is set to have a bond reduction hearing on April 8, per reports.

“1,700 feet is quite a big distance to travel at over 70 miles an hour on a 40-mile posted road. That’s a long way to travel in the wrong direction and not realize,” Schnurbusch said.

A GoFundMe was set up for the Wolfe family by a woman named Andrea. It reads: “Hi my name is Andrea and I am helping the sweet family of Billy’s friend Travis. Travis and his parents were in a horrific head on crash in late December, sadly the day before Travis’s 12th birthday.”

“Travis was severely injured and has been hospitalized ever since. Please join me in donating funds to support the family with medical expenses.”

At the time of this report, $23,536 of a goal of $30,000 has been raised so far.

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