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I got blown out by a ‘leaf blower’: here’s why I didn’t complain

Well, that’s bullshit.

Maggie DePalo, a Chicago comedian, asked for a loud blowout before a big show, and what she got stunned her.

DePalo published a tiktok video on Nov. 7 who has since garnered more than 1 million views by modeling her comically long hair, joking that it’s the look of a woman who wants to “talk to the manager.”

Ironically, she was too embarrassed to complain to the manager while looking like someone who does.

“It’s hard to ask for the manager when you’re wearing Ask for the Manager,” he captioned the video.

DePalo detailed how he got into the sticky situation in his TikTok video.

She said it was her first time at the salon and she was thrown into a chair to have her hair washed before several people got to work on her bonnet.

“Several people use round brushes fiercely on you, a lot of round brushes,” he said.

“At one point, my head was very low, and when I looked up and woke up, someone else was pouring a white powder into my hair. The woman who originally did it is now answering the door and they are selling purses.”

A woman shared her hair ordeal on TikTok.
Maggie Hughes DePalo/Instagram

Realizing that she was not happy with the results, she decided not to speak out, although she admitted in retrospect that she wanted to.

“Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly what I anticipated, but I was too afraid to ask for the manager because I’m white and have blonde hair, and I don’t want to end up on the 9 o’clock news. ,” she said.

She told women to give honest feedback to their stylists before giving her viewers a “warning” before showing a photo of her big hair.

The Post has contacted DePalo for comment.

Viewers shared cheeky comments about her over-the-top appearance.

Her hairstyle was very exaggerated.
Her hairstyle was very exaggerated.
Maggie Hughes DePalo/Instagram

“That wasn’t a hair blower, that was a leaf blower,” one said.

“You didn’t enter a room… you entered a Time Machine,” another added.

“The way I gasped and said no they didn’t do it ☠️😂,” a third chimed in.

De Palo spoke to Business Insider and told them that she wasn’t complaining because she didn’t want her stylists to have to start all over again.

“When I got in my car and my hair hit the roof, I realized it was a lot worse than I thought,” she said. He said he tried to brush it, but he “stayed pretty worn out all day.”

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