Homeless creep with 33 prior busts who keeps getting set free nabbed again — this time for groping 4 women in NYC spree: cops

A homeless creep with 33 prior busts who keeps ending up back on the street was arrested again for a series of perverted groping attacks on women in Manhattan, cops and prosecutors said.

Tyheem Menardy, 26 — who cops said groped four women last week — was arrested Wednesday just days after he was nabbed in a bicycle robbery but promptly set free because the charges against him weren’t bail eligible.

The creep’s lengthy rap sheet includes busts for assault, criminal obstruction of breathing, grand larceny, robbery, trespassing and resisting arrest, authorities said. He also was accused in two other groping incidents, according to police.

But it didn’t appear he had spent any time in the New York prison system, according to records.

In his latest spree from March 24-29, the touchy criminal was slapped with charges of forcible touching and sexual abuse, according to police and a complaint filed in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Menardy – who was riding a gray bike –allegedly rolled up to a woman on Allen Street on the Lower East Side and grabbed her buttocks around noon March 24, the complaint said.

Tyheem Menardy, 26, groped four women in a Manhattan spree last week, cops and prosecutors said.

Then minutes before 10 a.m. March 26, the creep allegedly approached a 34-year-old woman from behind at Ninth Avenue and West 16th Street in Chelsea and touched her private area, police said. 

The victim began to record the offender as he took off, according to the complaint. 

He targeted his next victim, a 52-year-old woman, at 10 a.m. – grabbing her buttocks as she walked at West 18th Street and 10th Avenue, cops said.

Then around 3:30 p.m. March 29, he was riding a Citi Bike when he approached another woman and grabbed her buttocks on East 29th Street near Second Avenue in Kips Bay, the complaint states.

Menardy has 33 prior arrests, including previous raps for forcible touching, cops said. NYPD

Menardy turned around and looked at the woman before he made a getaway on the bike, according to prosecutors. 

He was arrested that same day for stealing a Citi Bike by force – leaving the rider with bruises, soreness and pain, according to the court document. 

It wasn’t clear if it was the same bike he allegedly used while groping his final victim.

However, the charges linked to the Citi Bike theft – third-degree robbery, third-degree assault and petit larceny – were not bail-eligible and Menardy was granted supervised release. 

Menardy has prior arrests for assault, criminal obstruction of breathing, grand larceny, robbery and burglary, among others, cops said. NYPD

He is set to reappear in court in connection to that case on May 6, according to the Manhattan DA’s Office. 

Menardy was previously arrested on Jan. 26 for allegedly grabbing the breast of a 31-year-old woman in Irving Place in Gramercy Park, sources said.

And on May 5, 2020, he allegedly groped a 32-year-old woman’s buttocks at Fulton and Nassau streets, sources said. 

Menardy was ordered held on $2,000 cash bail or $10,000 bond in connection to his latest groping busts, the DA’s Office said. 

He is scheduled to reappear in court next Tuesday. 

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