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‘He’s going to lose’: Bill Maher has bad news for Donna Brazile about Biden’s future

Comedian and HBO host Bill Maher told former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile that he didn’t see President Joe Biden winning a second term in the White House.

Maher spoke with Brazile on Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” and argued that while he believed Biden was capable of doing the job for another four years, he didn’t believe the American people would elect him again because of the perception public. was that he was “too old.”


Maher began with a comment from former President Barack Obama’s campaign strategist David Axelrod, who questioned Biden’s wisdom in seeking a second term and Biden’s response, which was reportedly to lash out at Axelrod and insult him.

“What do you think of prominent Democrats like David Axelrod asking Biden to, quote, ‘get out or get going’… Did he say that? Leave or leave? Maher said.

“I believe in a tweet or two and some things. Look, people think Joe Biden is maybe too old. They are right,” Brazile admitted.

Maybe?” Maher prompted.

Don’t spill the water or something might come out,” Brazile continued, adding, “You know, everyone ages differently.”

Maher agreed, but Brazile continued.

“You know, Betty White lived to be 99 years old. “Mick Jagger is still wringing his butt,” she said.

“I have been the one who has defended here year after year against age discrimination. I always said it’s case by case, but…” Maher agreed, with a caveat: But for that argument to have force, you also have to be the person who can say: Yes, but this is the case.”

“And I’ve said it before. Do I think Joe Biden can do the job? Absolutely. I don’t think he can win the job. And that’s what matters to me. He’s going to lose. Because people think he’s too old. And perception is reality. “I’m sorry,” he concluded.

However, Brazile was not convinced, pointing to the fact that people had previously predicted that Biden would lose: “I’m not ruling out Joe Biden.”

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