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Here’s how to capture the sun’s rare green flash with your camera

KEY WEST, Fla. – The Sun’s green flash is a phenomenon that has been the subject of much debate, with many people dismissing it as a simple myth.

However, according to NASA, the green flash is a real phenomenon when the Sun sets or rises, and its light is refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere. Astronomers and amateur sky watchers have documented this rare and beautiful event for many years.

It was captured Tuesday at sunset by photographer Maya Montana in Key West, Florida.

“The green flash is always a plus when I see it, because it’s just unpredictable,” Montana told FOX Weather.

The color green arises because green light is refracted more than other colors, allowing it to be seen for a brief moment after the rest of the Sun has disappeared below the horizon, NASA said. The Sun itself does not turn partially green; The effect is caused by layers of the Earth’s atmosphere acting like a prism.

To witness a green flash, you only need two things, EarthSky noted.

To witness a green flash, you only need two things, EarthSky noted.

First of all, a clear day without fog or clouds on the horizon is required.

So, you need a distant horizon with a defined edge.

Although the green flash can be observed from a tall building or the top of a mountain, it is most often seen by people on beaches or on boats over the ocean.

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