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Here’s how much Americans think they deserve to be paid — and it’s likely impossible

Time is money. Lots and lots of money.

A recent survey asked more than 2,000 Americans the precise dollar amount they feel an hour of their time is worth — and it rivals executive salaries.

The nation’s average response was $240 an hour, according to the financial planning firm Empower.

That comes out to a smidge beneath $500,000 annually at $499,200 — the average American yearly salary is just under $60,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Millennials gave themselves the highest bracket at $328.84 for a handsome take-home of $683,987.20 per year.

One in four of Gen Y said their hourly time was worth more than $500 as opposed to 6% of baby boomers.

Most Americans value their hourly time at a high rate. AFP via Getty Images

The youngins of Gen Z said they would cost $266.92 an hour for a yearly payout of $555,193.60.

Then Gen X from 1965 to 1980 said $215.90 per hour for a yearly $449,072. Baby Boomers expected the least at a comparatively meager $137.19 per hour and $285,355.20 per year.

When it came to how Americans as a whole value their time, two in five would be willing to outsource household chores to better their work-life balance.

Millennials gave their time the highest number.
Millennials gave their time the highest number. EMPOWER

Gen Zers are willing to shell out $5,000 a year to have somebody else clean and do their yard work.

Millennials, however, take the cake as 36% said they would dole out $10,000 for an in-house chore person who also cooks their meals.

Chump change when you’re making nearly $700,000.

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