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Haley says dismantling the Justice Department and Intel agencies is necessary to root out corruption

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said an effort is needed to “completely gut” the Department of Justice (DOJ) and intelligence agencies to root out corruption in the federal government.

during a interview With Haley on Thursday, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo noted that former President Donald Trump faces four criminal charges, which Trump says are politically motivated, while saying there is “increasing evidence” that President Joe Biden and his family accepted money from American adversaries in an influence campaign.

“If you are commander in chief, what are you going to do to right the ship in terms of rooting out this corruption and ensuring that the Department of Justice doesn’t cover it up?” -Bartiromo asked.

“They’re going to have to completely gut, you know, our Department of Justice and our intelligence agencies. I mean, look, the way they’ve treated the Bidens and the Clintons compared to the way they’ve treated Trump, I don’t care what you think about any of them, it’s wrong,” Haley said. “There is a political bias, we can see it. It’s not about treating everyone the same. And it is leaving the United States distrustful. That’s what you don’t want. The American people need to trust that agencies are fulfilling their mission and are not playing politics. And I think what we are seeing is a lot of politics.”

Haley then promised to replace the head of each agency.

“We’ll go in and where we need to clean and clean the house. We will, and where we need to go and focus them back on their missions, we will,” she added. “We need the government to work for the people. “We have to…stop this thing where people are working for the government.”

Haley is the former governor of South Carolina and a United Nations ambassador during the Trump administration. About two months before the Iowa caucuses, Haley has rose in national Republican primary polls to about 8.7% on average. However, he is still far behind Trump, the Republican Party front-runner.

While new presidents typically begin their administrations with a broad shakeup of leadership across federal agencies, not all departments are necessarily affected. For example, the director of the FBI is elected to serve a 10-year term, unless that official is fired, as James Comey was under Trump.

Haley’s press secretary, Ken Farnoso, told the Daily Caller that the candidate would fire FBI Director Christopher Wray, who was tapped during the Trump administration and remained under the Biden administration to serve a 10-year term, “as part of a broader overhaul that would go after both top brass and to the middle managers of the FBI and Department of Justice.”

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