Gypsy Rose’s Evidence in Bombshell Defamation Lawsuit

Gypsy Rose Blanchard filed a lawsuit against true crime blogger April Johns, who goes by the name Franchesca or “Fancy” Macelli online, in which she alleged defamation, breach of contract, fraud and more. Now, images of messages from April being submitted as evidence in the trial have come to light.

“I’m so sick of Gypsy,” April wrote in one of the screenshots obtained by In Touch. “Like, I honestly want to bury her so far down a rabbit hole and I honestly think if I dig enough I could make her look so f–king bad.”

Another image featured a comment from a Facebook user saying that April’s account had been suspended to which she replied, “Yep, they got it banned,” referring to Gypsy, 32, and her stepmother, Kristy Blanchard, and father Rod Blanchard.

In an additional image, April refers to Kristy as a “lying, con artist” and accuses Gypsy and Kristy of “conning the world one paycheck at a time.”

Gypsy and her family first met April while she was serving time in prison for her part in the plot to murder her mother, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard. The Louisiana native claimed that April, who owns Mad Ginger Entertainment, offered to create content regarding Gypsy’s story but never produced anything.

In 2017, Rod and Kristy allegedly signed a “Life Rights Option Agreement” and gave April “access and copies of the evidence and documents surrounding Gypsy’s life and case,” according to USA Today. This allegedly included “crime scene photos, court transcripts, family photos and videos.”

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“For the next two plus years, plaintiffs Gypsy, Rod and Kristy diligently worked with defendant Johns/Macelli. They had countless conversations and interviews with her regarding their lives and the circumstances of the murder,” the court documents stated, according to the outlet. “During this time, Johns/Macelli purported to be skilled and experienced enough to perform her side of the contract.”

However, Gypsy claimed that April became “confrontational” about her relationship with Ken Urker after she severed ties with the blogger due to no media content being produced. Despite Gypsy ending her business relationship with April, she claimed that April continued to post about Gypsy’s case online.

April denied all of the allegations and posted a video online to celebrate when a judge dismissed the case after Gypsy reportedly filed it in the wrong venue, according to TMZ.

“I wanted to come on and let everybody know all charges were dismissed,” April said via TikTok on Wednesday, June 5.

However, Gypsy said that the case hasn’t been resolved.

“We are finding and filing in a different venue. It’s not over,” the former prison inmate told TMZ that same day.

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