Ginger Zee shares photo of aftermath of ‘Smash & grab’

Ginger Zee, who indicates on social media that she is chief meteorologist and chief climate correspondent with ABC News, posted a photo of the aftermath of what she described as a “smash & grab.”

The theft appears to have occurred in Oakland, California, as her Instagram and Facebook posts about the crime indicate the city is the location relevant to the posts.

While she noted that the theft felt “violating,” she said that she felt sadness for those who engage in such unlawful activity.

“Smash & grab was NOT what we had on our bingo card … that’s for sure. Grateful to be safe, the stuff they stole will be replaced… but it makes me sad for the folks that do this. Whatever circumstance gets someone to that choice of crime, I hope you know you stole things that are very meaningful to me too— items my kids made me I travel with etc, passport, my glasses – all of which I’m sure is trashed and the tech is being sold,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

The vehicle was apparently a rental.

“Something we learned and I want to pass on: they have been targeting rental vehicles & specifically hatchbacks. Our items were not in plain sight, low, covered etc and we were only grabbing food and using the bathroom. 20 min tops,” Zee wrote. “Car was parked right across the street from the salad joint we stopped at between shoots. It was a beautiful sunny day, about 2 pm.”

In a post on X, Zee noted that “the rental car place said they get up to ten a day! It’s wild.”

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