Frat Boy Summer is this year’s backlash against an epidemic of arrogant, entitled women

Behold the “frat boys” unapologetically saving Old Glory, singing the national anthem, chanting “USA, USA, USA,” and rudely ridiculing the campus freaks who parade around in Hamas colors and barricade themselves in university buildings.

God Forbid! They look like Trump voters.

This display of irrepressible masculinity erupting in Gen Z is an affront to the grand societal feminization project of the left, which only has itself to blame.

Frat Boy Summer is this year’s backlash against an epidemic of arrogant, entitled women who have been coddled all their lives and think they’re smarter and more important than they really are.

It is a manifestation of the growing political divide between men and women that has been evident in opinion polls for some time. There is a 10-point gap on most issues between men and women.

Young unmarried women, in particular, skew very left, while young men are becoming markedly more conservative.

Growing gap

The latest ABC-IPSOS poll over the weekend showed Donald Trump winning the under-30s by five points over Joe Biden, 48% to 43%. That that was entirely down to Trump’s huge 12-point advantage with young men, 54% to 43%.

Young women favored Biden by three points, 44% to 41%, still a rather anemic vote of confidence considering all the “Handmaid’s Tale”-style propaganda being thrown at them about abortion and Trump’s beastly ways.

It’s a nightmare scenario for Biden, who has been counting on the youth vote to win him the election like it did in 2020. Hence his desperate pandering to Gen Z.

The president is splashing around billions of taxpayer dollars on student debt relief, relaxing cannabis legislation, championing “trans kids” as the greatest heroes of their generation and inviting gender-fluid young Tik Tok influencers to VIP events at the White House. This is not your granddad’s Joe Biden.

But none of it can close the growing ideological gulf between the sexes, which has its roots in the unjust treatment of boys and young men in recent decades.

The college gender gap was a crisis when men outnumbered women up until the 1980s, but now that there are three women for every two men in college, we must rejoice. You go, girl!

Now there are 1 million fewer men in college than in 2011, according to Pew Research, with one-quarter of male Ivy Leaguers identifying as LGBT. It’s sexual reparations that nobody had a say in.

There is a cohort of women who are giving the fairer sex a bad name. These toxic femmes gobbled up the unjust privileges of affirmative action and the punitive fakery that the #MeToo movement became and then found they were more miserable than ever.

So they doubled down, offloading blame onto the patriarchy or toxic masculinity or whatever excuse they could find to avoid looking in the mirror.

During the pandemic they were given the name “Karen” as they marched around in masks enforcing petty rules or flew into aggressive rages during minor parking lot encounters.

When accountability occasionally finds them, they are flabbergasted beyond belief, while the rest of the world quietly revels in their comeuppance.

Karine Jean-Pierre is the avatar of the entitled female.

The White House press secretary is simply horrible at her job. She’s not on top of her material and never provides a coherent answer to reporters’ questions.

But instead of showing a little humility and upping her game she does interviews boasting about how awesome she is at “the hardest job in the White House . . . I’m an historic figure and I walk in history every day.”

Women’s colleges

The current campus protests have showcased the narcissism of these delusional damsels on social media for all to see:

  • The females at the University of Virginia whining: “It’s raining!” when finally told to pack up their tents.
  • The campus radical who held a press conference to demand that Columbia University supply food and water to her comrades who had barricaded themselves inside a building. “This is like basic humanitarian aid,” said Johannah King-Slutzky, a Ph.D. student who sported the latest in terrorist chic, a keffiyeh around her neck.
  • The academic at Emory University who screamed, “I am a professor!” when she was arrested for assaulting a cop. “I hit him on the head very lightly to get his attention and they grabbed me, threw me to the ground and arrested me,” Caroline Fohlin whined as she was carted away.
  • The activist in California who stood up at a city council meeting and threatened to kill councilors who opposed a Gaza cease-fire resolution: “We’ll see you at your house. We’ll murder you,” she fiercely vowed. Next time we saw Riddhi Patel she was bawling her eyes out in court after being arrested and charged with threatening state officials.

These are not people anyone can admire. They believe they are entitled to privileges and protections they did not earn and do not deserve.

The losers in the equation have been young men, especially if they are white and heterosexual and wish to remain male with their genitalia intact.

They are the new forgotten people, derided for who they are.
Since they have nothing to lose and nobody has earned their respect, the frat boys will be as rude and obnoxious as they like. If their very intrinsic maleness is offensive, then why bother trying to be polite or chivalrous? Instead, they lean into their power in a rather Trumpian way.

Talking like Trump

Whatever else can be said about Donald Trump, he is undeniably, irredeemably masculine. The way he walks, the way he talks, the way he dresses, his lusty appreciation for attractive women, all of it is anachronistic in a world that abhors masculinity, and that probably is half his appeal — to men, and to the women who still love men.

Regardless of Trump, Gallup polls show that the percentage of young men, aged 18 to 29, who identify as Republican has increased 11 points in a decade, from 38% in 2013 to 49% in 2023, with a big jump from 42% after the pandemic.

This is the cohort whose school and college years were affected by COVID-19. Perhaps school-age boys resented the strictures of lockdowns more than girls and rejected the safety obsessions of females in authority.

Whatever the cause, young men aged 18-29 are now 30% more conservative than their ultra-liberal female counterparts.

Women aged 18-34 became increasingly liberal and Democratic in the past decade, according to polling data reported by The New York Times last week.

Women went from 55% to 60% identifying as Democratic and from 29% to 22% Republican between 2012 and 2023. They went from 32% to 51% liberal and from 29% to 17% conservative.

“You stand no chance, old lady!” one frat boy type told a woman trying to wrestle him for a barricade at a protest at UCLA last week. Nature always finds a way to assert itself, and it isn’t always pretty.

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