Every genocide begins with a simple lie: they deserved it

Imagine sitting down to dinner in the house you inherited from your great-grandfather. Suddenly, some men burst through the door. As two of them begin to drag his wife into a bedroom, a third points a gun at his son and yells something about his ancestor stealing his ancestor’s house. In this situation, the appropriate response does not involve running to the courthouse to examine the title records or calling an attorney to plead his case. The man with the gun is full of rage and half-truths. You can’t reason with him.

Imagine that in a later trial, a prosecutor questions you after you present your case to the jury. Why didn’t you listen to their complaints? Don’t you see that I was right about your great-grandfather acquiring the house illegitimately? How can you have the right to defend yourself if you never had the right to occupy the house to begin with?

Every genocide begins with a simple lie: they deserved it. The Tutsis deserved it in Rwanda. The kulaks had it coming in Soviet Russia. The Armenians deserved it in Türkiye. And again and again, it is said that Jews receive it in whatever country they are in. All of them have some historical justification. Once you start arguing about who was the most virtuous great-grandfather, you’ve already fallen into the trap. Everyone involved is dead, and no lies or truth can be conclusively established once hatred and violence break out.

Hate comes disguised as a sheep. It’s not hate. Is history. We are often told that it is impossible to teach about historical injustices without awakening a thirst for justice in the descendants of the victims. Truly, the legacy of injustice lives on through the inferior circumstances of the victims.

Nonsense. We do it all the time. If schools can teach about the Holocaust without inspiring violence against Germans, then the injustices of history can and should be taught without scapegoating people who were not yet born at the time. All the great multi-ethnic empires have struggled with calls for “justice” between ethnic groups. We are at a critical fork in the road. Do we turn left toward tribal violence or right toward racial equality?

This toxic movement must be delegitimized. now before the violence spreads and engulfs all “colonizers” and “privileged” people.

Israel, for all its flaws, incorporates a large Muslim minority among its citizenry. While Jews have been expelled, murdered or harassed out of Israel by their neighbors, to the point that few still live in any Arab country, Israeli Jews coexist peacefully with 1.7 million Israeli Muslims.

When we see crowds of Hamas supporters chanting “from the river to the sea,” we should understand exactly what the catchy slogan really means: They’re coming.

Arguing with these people is totally useless. They believe Israel obtained its territory illegitimately. Any measure taken to expel the invading Jews, no matter how grotesque, will not distance social justice warriors from their cause. Any act of self-defense by Israel, however moderate, will be treated as an extension of the original victimization. Arguing about history with these maniacs is nonsense.

Hamas is nothing more than a head of the hydra. Any movement that seeks collective punishment for historical “injustice” is simply another genocide in the making. Egalitarian absolutism is the only defense against the evil and violent “equity” movement that continues to drag us back to tribal violence. We should end any attempt to normalize ethnic scapegoating. History is beside the point. Teaching victim-oppressor narratives stokes resentment and paves the way to disaster.

Euphemisms like “racial justice” or “social justice” are synonyms for “they deserved it.” We need to strongly oppose the casual use of terms like “colonizer” or “privilege” when they are used to delegitimize a scapegoated race or ethnicity. We should end official government policies that justify discrimination based on “historical oppression.” It can take decades of preparation and indoctrination to build up resentment that leads to violence. Once violence starts, it is too late. The time to stop racial scapegoating is during the social justice “training” session.

This toxic movement must be delegitimized. now before the violence spreads and engulfs all “colonizers” and “privileged” people. It’s not about winning some obscure argument about history. It’s about a family’s right to finish their dinner without being murdered for some imaginary sin of their long-dead great-grandparents.

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