Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Don’t ‘Talk’ Some Nights

Whispers of trouble on the homefront started at the Oscars when Eva Mendes wasn’t by Ryan Gosling’s side on his big night. (He was nominated for his role as Ken in Barbie, and he performed his nominated song, “I’m Just Ken.”) Now sources tell In Touch things have gotten even more tense between the two actors, who started dating 13 years ago and are married, according to Eva, 50.

“They are under a lot of pressure and fight over expanding their family,” a source tells In Touch. “It’s hell at home. That’s why they’re so separate all of the time.”

In recent weeks, Ryan, 43, has been off promoting his new movie, The Fall Guy, with Emily Blunt, 41.

“Eva was furious when she saw the photos of them together on the red carpet. Plus, Eva is still resentful over having to put acting on the backburner for Ryan to raise their kids [Esmeralda, 9, and Amanda, 7]. A part of Eva thinks she should be in the spotlight on the red carpet promoting her own new movie. She’s feeling very insecure and has trust issues. She adores being a mother and tries to support Ryan, but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult at times. There are some nights at home where the two don’t even talk to each other. It’s gotten that bad.”

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