Eric Adams rips Texas Rep. Beth Van Duyne for urging NYPD cops to leave NY

Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday ripped into Texas Republican Rep. Beth Van Duyne after she posted an ad in The Post urging NYPD cops to flee The Big Apple and work in her state.

“New York is the safest big city in America, this is not my opinion, the stats show that,” Adams seethed while responding to the ad that claims the Empire State is “purposefully anti-law and order.”

Van Duyne’s ad cites the death of NYPD Detective Jonathan Diller — who was fatally shot by a career criminal during a traffic stop last month.

Mayor Adams snapped back at Rep. Beth Van Duyne, saying she needs to worry about crime happening at cities in her state of Texas NYC Mayor’s Office

The congresswoman says in the ad she’s “disgusted as one pro-criminal politician after another attempted to force themselves into the solemn remembrance of Officer Diller’s heroic career.”

Adams, addressing reporters at a press briefing in City Hall, said Van Duyne should worry about crime in her own state.

“What she should be doing is telling some of her officers to go over to Dallas to deal with the violence!” he barked, pointing to a PowerPoint slide showing 19 murders in Dallas per 100,000 people.

Rep. Beth Van Duyne’s add in The Post is shown here, where she urges NYPD officers to come and work in her state. X/Bethvanduyne

Van Duyne claimed that NYPD officers face budget cuts from “Defund the Police politicians” while trying to keep illegal immigrant gangs and violent career criminals at bay.

The ad also states: “It’s time for you to leave these loathsome and destructive folks behind. ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK!”

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Van Duyne said police officers in New York have been “abused, undermined and sold out by politicians.”

Texas Republican Rep. Beth Van Duyne says she’s “disgusted” over the late NYPD Detective Jonathan Diller’s death and views the Big Apple as a lawless city. AP

In contrast, she boasted of the “respect, appreciation and reverence” of officers in Texas.

“It’s just one more reason why the Lone Star State shines brighter than the rest — we have a value for their professionalism and their commitment,” she said, adding that their quality of life would also be vastly improved.

“We actually value individual freedoms, respect our officers, [and] enforce our laws, recognizing that people want to live in safe communities.”

People are seen in attendance for NYPD officer Jonathan Diller at St. Rose of Lima Church in Massapequa following his death. Daniel S. Krieger /

Convincing even one officer to move to Texas would make the ad worth it, she added.

“I think if that officer just saves one life, takes one career criminal off the street, they can make that kind of an impact in North Texas that benefits everyone who lives there. And I think that’s an immeasurable improvement,” she said.

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