Dr. Phil tells Joe Rogan about ‘out of control’ southern border

Dr. Phil called the migrant crisis at the southern border “out of control” during on appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast — blasting the Biden administration for “paying money to take these children and sell them into sex slavery.”

Phil McGraw, the former TV host, shared video footage of a conversation that he had with Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, during Tuesday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Judd told McGraw that US border authorities no longer had rapid DNA testing kits due to the massive influx of migrants that have poured into the country from Mexico.

The conversation between McGraw and Rogan was first reported by the news site Mediaite.

Dr. Phil McGraw appeared on Tuesday’s edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Spotify. YouTube/PowerfulJRE

McGraw speculated that the lack of DNA testing could lead to minors being linked up with traffickers.

“Are they given money? These people that are released into the country?” McGraw asked Judd.

“So it’s our taxpayers that ultimately facilitate the travel, but yes, travel is facilitated, and they are given all the necessities that they need,” Judd said.

“Holy s–t!” Rogan said in reaction to the clip, which was earlier reported by Mediate.

McGraw told Rogan: “That’s how out of control we are down there!”

McGraw described the situation along the US border with Mexico as “out of control.” James Keivom

He said that US taxpayers are “paying money to take these children and sell them into sex slavery.”

“They come in with these addresses written on their bodies, written on their arm and we call up there and say, ‘Do you know so and so?’ ‘Yes, we’re waiting for them.’ ‘Okay, they’ll be on a plane or a bus’.”

McGraw lashed out at President Biden and his administration for what he perceives as lax enforcement of immigration laws.

“This is a weird thing they are doing. They’re just letting people come in, and the Red Cross and different groups are giving people maps, showing them how to do it, and encouraging it,” McGraw said.

The Post has sought comment from the White House.

Rogan listened as McGraw described his conversations with border agents along the Texas-Mexico frontier. YouTube/PowerfulJRE

The Red Cross said in a statement to The Post the agency “is committed to supporting the humanitarian needs of all individuals in accordance with our seven fundamental principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. As a humanitarian organization, these principles guide our actions every day and compel us to alleviate suffering in the US and around the world.”

McGraw praised Texas for deploying agents to the border with Mexico. He said state law enforcement is a greater deterrent of illegal immigration than Customs and Border Protection.

“The Texas border guards wear brown uniforms, and the federal guards wear green. If you get arrested by a brown uniform, you get arrested, processed, and sent back,” McGraw said.

US Customs and Border Protection officers processed migrants after they crossed into the US from Mexico on Tuesday. James Keivom

“If you get apprehended by a green uniform, you get arrested, processed, and given a court date in seven years. So they run to the green uniforms and away from the brown uniforms.”

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