Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba wears an ‘FJB’ necklace


donald trumplawyer Alina Habba was photographed wearing an “FJB” necklace and holding a “MAGA” bag at a UFC fight amid news about her and her husband. Gregg RubenThey currently owe more than $1 million in liens and collateral.

Habba, 39, flaunted the flashy “FJB” chain, a common abbreviation for “F–k Joe Biden,” at the UFC 295 title fights at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 11.

The lawyer sat next to the former president’s son Donald Trump Jr. and owner of the New York Jets Woody Johnson while watching the game.

Courtesy of Alina Habba/Instagram

A necklace similar to the one seen on the former fashion executive sells for nearly $100 on Etsy. The “FJB” necklace is described as “cheap base metal” jewelry and is sold by a New York-based Trump fan.

Habba was also photographed pointing to her bejeweled purse with the four-letter initials of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan while posing with Woody, 76.

The New Jersey attorney and Rueben, 51, currently owe more than $1 million in liens and collateral. In contact confirmed exclusively on Monday, November 13.

According to documentation previously reviewed by In contact, Trump’s attorney has two active liens filed against her and her law firm, Sandelands Eyet LLP, by the Maine Department of Labor. One was presented on December 3, 2021 for $1,146, and the other on October 24, 2022, for $1,047.

Reuben, as well as its LLCs, also have active state tax warrants in Albany County, New York. Two requested payments, one for $93,628 and another for $179,335, were presented on August 22, 2016. Another, presented on November 12, 2020, totals $484,323, and another on April 6, 2022, totals $59,295. Several of his LLCs were also granted tax liens, totaling more than $770,000 in collateral, for which Rueben himself is responsible.

“A lien is filed so that it attaches to anything you own [and can be] real estate or personal property,” Jeremy Wallace, a real estate and bankruptcy attorney, previously said. In contact. “In theory, they can come and raid your house and take your Rolexes. And it can reach a spiral: if you can’t pay one year, why pay the next year and so on?”

Donald Trump's lawyer Alina Habba wears an FJB necklace.
Courtesy of Alina Habba/Instagram

According to Wallace, Reuben and Habba’s tax guarantees will affect the couple’s ability to buy or sell property until they are paid off.

Habba is currently representing Donald Trump, 77, in his $250 million civil fraud trial in New York involving his real estate.

On November 8 Ivanka Trump testified as the prosecution’s final witness in the civil case. A ruling against the former president would permanently shut down his growing business empire in New York, experts say.

Habba appeared in court on Monday, Nov. 13, where he watched Donald Trump Jr., 45, return to the witness stand to testify for the defense in the New York attorney general’s civil fraud trial against his father.


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