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Comments on influencer’s ‘hot’ bikini pic sends her into a ‘spiral’

A woman who was initially “confused” after her unedited bikini photo went viral has argued its popularity proves women are “tired” of cultural beauty standards.

US influencer and podcast host Carly Weinstein recently shared a series of snaps from a holiday to Spain in which she can be seen posing in a gold two-piece in front of the blue waters of Mallorca.

Her “hot” photos quickly went viral, with women praising her for promoting a “realistic” body image, a situation that Carly said left her grappling with “body image issues”.

She’s now opened up about why she believes so many women resonated with her photos, while sharing her own “ups and downs” around how society perceives women’s bodies.

“I posted a bikini photo around a week ago and it kinda went viral because of the way my body looks,” she wrote in a post on Instagram.

“So many people have been commenting things like ‘this is what a real body looks like’, or ‘I finally see a body that looks like mine!!’

“Now first of all this sent me into a SPIRAL because I didn’t even think twice about the fact that it might have looked like a ‘realistic’ body to some people, I was just vibing in my bathing suit showing my awesome view!!

She continued: “But it reminded me that there is STILL a huge lack of body diversity in my industry and on social media in general.

Weinstein posted photos from her trip to Spain. Carly Weinstein/Instagram

“I’m not just talking about the lack of different body size, but also a lack of things like cellulite, bruises, peach fuzz, things that are totally normal and HUMAN!!”

Carly, who has previously discussed her battle with body image on the REAL with Carly Weinstein podcast, went on to explain that once the initial “shock” and “confusion” wore off, she realised the response proves women are “tired” of cultural beauty standards.

“This post is not meant to be preachy because, I’m just like all of you – I absolutely do not like what I see in the mirror all the time and that is fine,” she continued.

Weinstein did not mean for the photos to be perceived as “body-positive.” Carly Weinstein/Instagram

“But I want to remind you that no matter what, how you look on the outside does not and NEVER WILL determine the human being that you are.

“So yes, we all want to slay on the beach, but if you wake up and aren’t feeling yourself, it’s not the end of the world!!”

She went on to remind others to “give yourself grace” and reminded followers “that no one will ever remember you because of how you looked, but rather the impact that you made on others”.

“A photo like that should not send everyone into oblivion,” she finished.

“You don’t need to strive for perfection, you are worthy no matter what.”

Her post, which she also shared in video form on TikTok, has received a huge response as many praised the social media star.

“We are just SOO TIRED of filters and smoothing pictures before posting them that seeing this just felt so refreshing and real,” one said.

Weinstein shared she believes women resonate with her photos because she posts her body’s natural form. Carly Weinstein/Instagram

“I feel like we’re only seeing extremes like models or really fashionable plus size. But not really in between,” another commented.

As one agreed: “Happiness is realizing my body is not the full picture. Every girl needs to hear this.”

Others shared the reasons why they avoided taking photos, stating Carly’s post had inspired them to “take the damn picture”.

“This makes me sad. I went to Jamaica, and Mexico and refused pics bc I felt so self conscious… I should’ve taken the pics, you look so hot,” one wrote.

“Crying because I desperately needed to hear this,” said another.

While one declared: “This motivated me to just stop freaking out internally and take the picture.”

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