CNN Wants Chris Cuomo to ‘Come Back to Help Save the Network’

CNN bosses want to hire back fired host Chris Cuomo to right the network’s sinking ship, a source tells In Touch exclusively.

“Chris was CNN’s best anchor, and his abrupt departure left a gaping hole the network hasn’t been able to fill,” an insider explains.

“There’s been a changing of the guard at top levels, and now folks are whispering about bringing Chris back,” the source continues.

The newsman was ousted in December 2021 for violating CNN’s journalistic standards after advising his brother — then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — on how to deal with sexual harassment complaints from former subordinates. Chris, 53, filed a lawsuit against the network demanding $125 million in damages. He later landed a job at NewsNation and started a podcast.

“The powers that be are admitting they might have been hasty about letting Chris go,” the insider reveals. “They’re putting out feelers in the hopes Chris will forgive and forget and come back to help save the network.” Sources tell In Touch that execs are fearful over CNN’s declining numbers as rival FOX News remains No. 1.

“The feeling among the bigwigs is that Chris could restore CNN to its previous glory,” the insider explains, “But others aren’t happy with the idea and see a Chris comeback as a definite threat. ”

“A lot of people threw Chris to the curb after his ouster, and they’re the ones who are worrying the most,” the source adds.

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The Queens, New York, native opened up about how his firing from CNN impacted him during a July 2022 appearance on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher.

“I feel like I lost a sense of purpose for a while because of how things ended,” he said of his exit while revealing he learned who he could rely on. “It’s true, when you struggle you learn who your friends are. I’ve always known who my friends are, I’ve had them for a very long time,” Chris added.

When Bill brought up how the former anchor’s time slot for Cuomo Prime Time slipped in the ratings after his firing, Chris said that brought him no satisfaction.

“It’s a great organization and there are great people there. I don’t do that schadenfreude thing where I like to see things aren’t going well,” he said. “To an extent that’s true, I think the whole environment is down right now numbers-wise. But I want good things for people there. I don’t like how it ended, I had a great team I didn’t get to say goodbye to,” he explained.

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