Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ Coparenting Relationship

Chris Pratt is blissfully happy in his current marriage with Katherine Schwarzenegger, but relations and coparenting politics with ex-wife Anna Faris remain seriously frosty, a source exclusively tells In Touch. The insider explains that the former couple barely communicate and are far from harmonious behind the scenes. 

“Ana and Chris keep things as cordial as possible but they still use assistants and even their domestic staff to communicate with each other and they both have a very inflexible approach to their custody arrangement,” the source notes.

“They both have to stick to the rules, or else, and for Chris that means tons of vacation time with Jack during the summer while Anna is focused on getting the boy to school and getting his homework done every night,” the insider adds. “It’s not exactly a balanced situation but Jack has become used to it and he’s still the most effective peacemaker between his parents, even though they are definitely not ‘friends’ as they raise him.”

According to the source, “The main thing for Chris and Katherine is that Jack feels at home with the new family they’re building, and Anna has no part of that.”

While the House Bunny star’s acting career is in “a self-imposed lull,” Chris is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. The O.C. alum was the biggest box office star of 2023 with The Super Mario Bros. Move and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 bringing in tons of money. He is also set to star in The Garfield Movie, out later this month. 

“It’s tough for [Anna] to see her son have this entire other life that she doesn’t participate in. The real solution for her is to fix things with Chris and get back to a place where they can relax around each other, but that may be a pipe dream,” the source continues. “Chris is in a whole different stratosphere right now!”

The family drama was brought to the forefront amid Chris’ Mother’s Day tribute shared via Instagram on May 12, as fans quickly noted Anna’s absence from the post. 

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! Love to my Mom Kathy who set a high bar for her love, patience, humor, and joy in motherhood. And a special thank you my darling Katherine for all you do,” the Jurassic World star shared alongside a series of photos of his wife and mother. “Witnessing you be a mom to Lyla and Eloise and a stepmom to Jack makes me fall more and more in love with you every day. The 24/7 job of scheduling, transporting, loving, nurturing, managing calendars, planning activities, the nutrition, the boundaries, the rules, the patience, the gentleness, the firmness, the wisdom, and grace. It’s truly a marvel.”

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