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Chicago Councilman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa is just another progressive bully

In the latest case of American progressives at war against democracy, Chicago Councilman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa is in disgrace after mistreating a black colleague to derail a referendum that would have given Windy City voters a say on the local immigration policies.

The measure was aimed at challenging sanctuary city rules that make Chicago a favorite destination for illegal immigrants approved by President Biden, hitting the city’s budget in a way New Yorkers know all too well.

As Mayor Brandon Johnson’s floor leader for the City Council, Ramirez-Rosa also intimidated his colleagues with threats to delay their zoning requests if they did anything to allow the referendum to take place.

This follows progressive Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s stunt of pulling a fire alarm to derail a House vote.

In spirit, it is the same as all the leftists who tear down posters of Israelis taken hostage by Hamas terrorists: the democratic response would be to put up your own posters, they say of the children of Gaza harmed in the conflict.

And hand in hand with campus efforts to prevent speeches by guests who do not follow the progressive line.

Plus angry demonstrations at the homes of conservative judges, clearly intended to intimidate them while the Supreme Court was considering the Dobbs abortion case.

Not to mention the Antifa anti-police anarchists who rioted in Portland, Atlanta, and other cities.

A small democracy requires a clash of ideas and a reasonable debate that usually ends in a compromise.

The modern left rejects all of that. It’s their way, or whatever violence and intimidation they think they can do.

If liberals and civilized leftists don’t start rejecting these thugs, they will be next.

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