Chapter 8: Leadership in crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic presented church leaders with one of the most arduous tests of leadership in more than a century. The early days of the pandemic were marked by a historic level of uncertainty, anxiety and fear. What was at stake was literally life or death.

Churches lost not only members to the virus, but also pastoral staff. At the same time, the pandemic eliminated fundamental practices that define the body of Christ, such as worship, communion, and baptism, as well as the basic elements that form and sustain communities within larger congregations, such as youth and small groups. . The pandemic created a monumental challenge for American churches and pastors that, in many cases, precipitated a leadership crisis.

While many leaders showed tremendous courage and compassion in the midst of initial uncertainty, they grew tired over time, especially when loneliness and exhaustion set in. Where leadership weakness was present, the pandemic exposed it, sometimes with devastating consequences.

Based on Chapter 8 of the report, in this episode host Aaron Hill (ChurchSalary editor) sits down with two Arbor Research Group researchers, Brent Sickel and Terry Linhart, to discuss the numerous leadership crises that occurred during the pandemic and because. . This episode also features interviews with several pastors and lay leaders who were directly affected or experienced a leadership crisis.

Brought to you by Aaron Hill, ChurchSalary Editor

“COVID and the Church” is produced in conjunction with the Tree Research Group and funded by Lilly Endowment Inc. through a grant from Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders (ECFPL) initiative.

Executive produced by Aaron Hill, Terry Linhart and Matt Stevens.

The director of CT Media is Matt Stevens

The audio engineer, editor and composer is Tyler Bradford Wright.

Artwork by Ryan Johnson

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