CBS anchor can’t handle it when her own colleague confronts her with data proving voters favor Trump immigration policies

CBS News anchor Margaret Brennan had difficult on Sunday grappling with the fact that Americans may favor Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Under President Joe Biden’s leadership, approximately 8 million migrants have entered the United States, a figure that does not include “gotaways,” or migrants that immigration officials fail to detain. With at least 1.7 million “gotaways,” the Biden administration’s policies may have facilitated a migration of roughly 10 million people.

‘We are in a different era in which a lot of folks say the system as a whole is not working.’

Unsurprisingly, the border crisis has become one of the top issues of the election, and polls show that voters overwhelmingly trust Donald Trump to fix the problem.

Those surveys, CBS News poll director Anthony Salvanto pointed out on Sunday, also show that voters favor stricter immigration policies. In fact, a new CBS poll shows found that 62% of registered voters support a “mass deportation” policy, which Trump has proposed.

When confronted with that fact, Brennan rushed to defend Biden.

She said:

Homeland Security says that President Biden has already deported or repatriated more people in the past year than any year since 2010. And then, depending on the details of what’s talked about on the campaign trail, some of what Mr. Trump talks about could be illegal. It doesn’t seem practical, in some sense, to round up children.

And then we know that the courts have questioned whether local authorities would have the ability to do it, and federal authorities don’t have the resources. So what exactly do people think they’re supporting?

Despite the potential legal issues that Brennan raised, Salvanto told her that CBS tested the idea of local law enforcement enforcing immigration policies — and respondents liked it.

“We tested even the idea of: Should local law enforcement be involved in this? And a lot of folks do say, ‘yes,'” he said.

The significance the poll, Salvanto explained, is that it shows the “direction” of the electorate.

“Look, it does tell you, though, for the viewer watching this campaign, that what we’re seeing here connects to whether it’s what some people say is the politicization of the courts, these ideas of mass deportations, etc. — we are in a different era in which a lot of folks say the system as a whole is not working,” he told Brennan.

“All of these, if you connect the dots through them, are part of that reaction against it, which explains some of that general sentiment for some of these policies,” Salvanto explained.

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